French MAS-49 ammunition pouch, leather, surplus

7.99 USD
French MAS-49 ammunition pouch, leather, surplus
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Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus

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French F2 "Bigeard" cap, surplus

French F2 "Bigeard" cap, surplus

2.99 - 4.99 USD

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French magazine bag, small and pretty, surplus

French magazine bag, small and pretty, surplus

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French MAT-49 magazine pouch, surplus

French MAT-49 magazine pouch, surplus

7.99 USD

An old cotton magazine pouch for five MAT-49 mags, probably from the colonial era. Will fit about any belt, thanks to the very large belt loops, or you can haul it around with the provided shoulder strap.

Classic MAS-49 cartridge pouches, proper old timey design with stud closure, thick high quality leather with strong stitches and metal hardware. Belt loops and shoulder strap attachment ring.

Dimensions 10 x 10 x 4 cm. Belt loop width 40-45 mm.

French army surplus

Old military surplus, most of these seem to be completely unissued, but the ~60 years of age shows. We recommend greasing the leather up generously before use!

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- tästä saa varsin hienon koriste/käyttö-esineen vyölle, kun viitsii ratkoa vanhat tikit, liimata saumat, tikata vahalangalla uudet & 2-3 kerrosta valjasrasvaa, kiillottaen tietysti välillä
- tässä yksilössä ainakin nahka mielettömän hyvässä kunnossa ja jotain tiedän n.20-vuoden kokemuksella, ettei noin hyvää/paksua nahkaa halvalla saa
- suosittelen jo ihan ihmisen oman jaksamisenkin vuoksi
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