Fiskars trifold E-tool

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Fiskars trifold E-tool
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Finnish M05 E-tool pouch
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Finnish M05 E-tool pouch

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An e-tool pouch of the new Finnish M05 load carrying system. Fits the issue Fiskars tool and most NATO tri-fold e-tools.

Gerber MP600 Needlenose multi tool

Gerber MP600 Needlenose multi tool

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As basic as they come, no gimmicks - a refreshingly straightforward multitool in a pleasantly balck colour scheme. Yes, this is the one that flicks open one-handed.

Fiskars X7 Hatchet

Fiskars X7 Hatchet

40.99 USD

Fiskars axes have earned themselves a solid reputation as proper, dependable working tools. The X7 hatchet is designed for easy carry, it fits perfectly strapped to the side of a backpack. The X7 still retains a decent shaft length which means it packs a good punch, just like an axe should!

BW work gloves, surplus

BW work gloves, surplus

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Very traditional work gloves as German Bundeswehr surplus. Extremely well made and probably manufactured in Europe, these offer a huge bang for the buck. Available in plush-lined and lightly lined / unlined models.

Gerber Center-Drive multitool

Gerber Center-Drive multitool

153.99 USD

The new tool from Gerber has the emphasis on the few usually needed features, strong construction and some nice little extras on the side. It might have a bit steeper price tag than multitools usually are, but you get a lot of tool too, this ain't no toy.

A fantastic folding E-tool. You might have seen these in use by the US Army under Gerber brand. It is originally a Finnish Defence Forces model made by Fiskars and was later adopted by the US.

The blade can be locked for either normal shovel like digging action or for use like a pick or hoe. Weight 1,3 kg, packs to about 26 x 18 x 7 cm size clump, about half a meter long when extended.

Comes with a black nylon belt pouch.

Manufactured in Poland.

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