Finnish Spoon-Fork, surplus

Finnish Spoon-Fork, surplus

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A spoon & fork in the same package, known as the "Spork". The Finnish model was copied from the Imperial German equivalent, and is used even today. Thousands of lips and teeth have caressed these and some look like they've been used to dig foxholes too, but all are usable! Of course the army didn't let go of them for cheap.

A classic stainless steel model, genuine Finnish army stuff. We found a right and proper plastic bucket full of these and bought them all.

There is a legend in the FDF according to which Finnish special forces are trained to throw their spork with lethal effect to a distance of up to 15 meters.

Real deal Finnish army kit!

PROPERLY USED AND ROUGH, not at all pretty, but everything is intact. YES, it wiggles when you open it. It's like chopsticks; learn to use it. Of course if you want a new spork, it costs about the same as these but hey, this is the very first time we've seen the genuine Finnish army article for sale.

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Very usable and tuff, wish I had bought more!
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