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Finnish M65 wool trousers, dark blue, surplus

Finnish M65 wool trousers, dark blue, surplus

Price 18.99 USD excluding VAT

Finnish navy issue dark blue - almost black - wool trousers with cargo pockets! Get yours now, these proper good stuff made in Finland of real wool. Very limited availability.

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Finnish navy issue dark blue - almost black - wool trousers with cargo pockets! Get yours now, these proper good stuff made in Finland of real wool. Very limited availability.

  • Made of thick proper wool
  • Flat cargo pockets
  • Made in Finland!

Pretty straightforward cut, with straight leg, neat appearance, belt loops, button fly and sometimes buttons for braces. Some later production trousers might have random little luxuries like a bit of waterproof fabric hidden inside the knees or under foot straps (we won't pick, sorry). The cargo pockets are a rare animal in army issue wool trousers. The army used these both for barracks and field use, paired with either shoes or jackboots, with the trouser leg of course tucked into the boots.

Made from thick wool, very nice quality stuff, costs a fortune these days. Wash in 30 degrees if necessary, air dry only. Usually just brushing the dirt off is enough, these don't even stain easily.

No wonder that these were still issued in 2007 in the northernmost reaches of Finland. This fine tradition came to an end when the stockpiles of larger sizes ran out and the rest was sold off as surplus. For the modern man these present excellent value for money if you're after a pair of old timey, slightly bushcrafty wool trousers that actually don't fall apart in use.

Size info

First up is the Finnish army system (height as a vague number and then standard Euro size), in the brackets the recommended users height & waist. Note: The old Finnish trouser sizing runs pretty much a notch smaller than the nominal size (for example, size 52 would normally be made for 92 cm waist, but the Finnish fit is best for 88 cm waist). Look at our numbers!

Genuine Finnish surplus

Used, but in serviceable condition. In the worst case these might have some visible repairs here and there, however in the main picture is a pair of unissued trousers.


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4.7 / 5
15 ratings
Suomi (6)
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I would recommend for a friend

Olen pitänyt tällaisia housuja talvella ja ovat hyvät housut, ja pitäisin vieläkin, mutta kun olen lihonut!
15 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Description says it all. Excellent wool trousers for a really fair price. The one I got was unissued. Really dark blue which appears black except under direct light. As usual you can/should trust Varusteleka with their size description. As these are old school cut/sewn trousers a skilled person with a sewing machine can get you a cm more out of it maybe.
6 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Näitä on nyt pino kotona. Ei tarvitse koskaan enää sarkahouja ostaa :)
7 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I just received two pairs of these. Wow, are they ever awesome. They fit perfectly (Varusteleka's fitting guide was spot on), are thicker (and higher quality) wool than I expected, and the workmanship appears to be impeccable. Both pairs seem to be unissued stock. I wore one pair hiking in cool weather and they were extremely comfortable and warm.

The only other wool trousers I own are some M-1951 US Army ones from the Korean War, and while I love those pants, I actually like these better and can tell that their useful temperature range will be much wider. If they ever come back in stock here again, I will likely buy more.
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Saamani housut olivat pakasta vedetyt, kaikki tehtaan laput olivat vielä kiinni. Reisitaskut ovat vähän ahtaat, sellaista henkkamaukkareisareitten luokkaa, mutta paremmat kuin ei lainkaan. Sarkahousujen aatelia ja vieläpä halvalla. Väri on todellakin erittäin syvä tummansininen, käytännössä mustempi kuin oikea musta.
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Wish I'd ordered two pairs! Look unissued, army tailor had put a dart in the waist at the rear, once that was out they were a perfect fit.
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I would recommend for a friend

Awesome product, especially for the price. Heavyweight wool, pretty much new condition. Trust these guys on sizes, I checked with them and the numbers they gave me were spot on.
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I would recommend for a friend

Ordered two pairs, and they arrived just in time for the cold weather. Sizing's just right. Warm and comfy, though the waterproof fabric on the knees feels a bit weird. I'd buy more, but my closet's getting a bit full. Maybe in 15 years, when these wear through.
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I would recommend for a friend

Ordered one pair and was so pleased that I ordered a second. Tested them in some really foul weather in Bavaria - wind, rain and snow along with wildly varying temperatures and they performed brilliantly. Warm and comfortable but able to deal with the temperature swinging from -8 to +11. So good that I wore them on the journey home as well instead of my usual travel trousers - the cargo pockets will take loads of stuff which is very handy. I am thinking of having them altered with the addition of waterproof fabric on the outside of the knees and to the seat of the trousers to make them more like Varusteleka ‘s own brand wool trousers.
There was a tuck/dart on the rear seam of both pairs that I let out to give me more room.. A great idea for those men whose trousers suddenly “shrink “ once we reach a certain age......
Would recommend these to anyone looking for really good quality wool trousers. Another great Varusteleka find.
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