Finnish M/58 uniform jacket, surplus

Finnish M/58 uniform jacket, surplus

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One of the rare post-war Finnish army garments that actually didn't look like shit, this tunic is modeled after the classic style of uniform jackets popular at the times of the world wars. Still in limited use! This a one-off lot from the depths of our warehouse.

Gray wool fabric, metal or plastic buttons, random or no insiginia (we won't pick), form fit. Lined with satin or mesh. A nice looking classic uniform jacket.

Size info

First up is the Finnish army system (standard Euro size for chest circumference and a letter denoting height class), in the brackets the recommended users height & waist in centimetres. The sizes are widthwise tight! If your chest is even 1 cm over the recommended size, upsize if available.


Used, but in serviceable condition. At least these haven't been put through field use. There might be an occasional moth nip or just general wear, but these are overall pretty nice.

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Very nice jacket, great lining and only slightly itchy around the neck. I love it!
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