Finnish M/31 Suomi SMG manual

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Finnish M/31 Suomi SMG manual
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Särmä Finnish M36 field cap

Särmä Finnish M36 field cap

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A proper good reproduction of the WW2 era Finnish M36 field cap, also known as the "verikauha" or "blood ladle". A surprisingly functional design, especially for it's age, and not too shabby looking eihter. Made from high quality wool frieze with Finnish Lion emblem buttons.

A reprint of an old M31 Suomi SMG manual, quite a thing really, this is printed on the exact same papers etc. as the originals. A real must have to go along with any M31 SMG out there! Packed full of photos and naturally lots of text, all in Finnish of course.

A few interesting details include the reproduced stamps of Jääkäripataljoona 3 and Polkupyöräpataljoona 3 on the front cover. Another very cool thing is that the M31 in most, if not all, photos is an exotic variant with a vertical front grip!

Made in Finland.

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