Finnish long johns, with White Guard style crotch repair patch, surplus

Finnish long johns, with White Guard style crotch repair patch, surplus

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Congratulations for the 100 years old Finland! Sometimes you must marvel at these little windows to history. These Second World War era long johns of the Finnish army are repaired at the crotch with a Suojeluskunta (White Guard) patch. We can only wonder if this is a pun towards that organization, or maybe just the opposite?

We get it, times were hard and you had to make do with what you got. But if your only usable piece to repair a pair of johns is an armband with a Suojeluskunta logo, and you precisely use that part with the logo (Elimäki detachment) it raises some questions. Maybe the wearer clearly presented his dim opinion of White Guard by rubbing his balls on the symbol, or perhaps he saw that as patriotic protection for the jewels. Undoubtedly the long johns have seen use after the repair, as the fabric is starting to fray around the patch. The patch itself is still very intact, of course.

Definitely real deal stuff; the White Guard armbands aren't exactly cheap these days and anyway, who would do such a thing unless it was a period repair?

Our model is size Medium, and these fit well from everywhere else except waist, which was a bit too loose.

No markings beside a small "MIL" tag denoting these were in the Milform movie wardrobe. Because these are so awesome, we put a ridiculous price tag on them too.

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