Finnish leather jackboots, unissued

Finnish leather jackboots, unissued

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Heads up you Finn Fanatics! We got a lot of unissued Finnish army leather jackboots! What's more, these are available in more than one size, which is pretty ground-breaking. However the current lot consists of big sizes only.

The FDF jackboot is a very typical, well made and hard wearing example of its kind. These were on issue for a very, very long time, but some years ago released to the open market. Now they're getting VERY difficult to get hold of in any size. This might well be the last lot we will ever see.

As said, the model is very basic: leather uppers with a leather sole and rubber outsole & heel piece. All put together with a clear example of a Goodyear welt. The leather in the boots is thick and of excellent quality, the stitches are made with strong thread, not some thin polyester string. Although they make pretty good boots today too, the craftsmen sure did make them tough in the old days and being surplus, these are pretty damn affordable for boots that will last a long time.

Size info

Sizes in the normal French (EU) system. These are designed to be used with footwraps or thick double woollen socks, so we suggest sticking to your actual size. If you plan to use these in extreme cold, take a size bigger to allow for a third layer of extra socks. In addition, the last is quite wide, as in all Finnish army footwear.

We heartily recommend Jalas FX2 insoles to go with these, they make a world of difference with these to people used to modern shoeware. Pick the same size as the boots. Conveniently, the measured lengths of the Jalas insoles gives some indication of the inside lengths of the boots themselves (the total inside length, remember to leave some room for your toes if you were already ordering by these numbers):

SizeInside length aboutUK size
35235 mm2
36245 mm3
37250 mm4
38255 mm5
39262 mm6
40268 mm7
41275 mm7,5
42278 mm8
43287 mm8,5
44296 mm9,5
45302 mm10,5
46307 mm11,5
47314 mm12,5
48323 mm13,5
49331 mm14


In unissued condition. Some storage wear and dust might be present, but that's it. We suggest acting before these are sold out - the demand is quite big even in the domestic market, and we don't have a clue about restock chances on the long run. Maybe, maybe not.

Made by Finnish army contractors, like Sievi, Jalas and some company called KKK. Probably some others too.

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I got a pair of these fantastic boots recently in size 47.
Although my usual size is 46, i use two pairs of Sarma socks ( liner + knee socks ) plus memory foam insoles.
Just perfect.
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