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Finnish external frame rucksack, green, surplus

Finnish external frame rucksack, green, surplus

Price 36.99 - 55.99 USD excluding VAT

The rubberized ugly cousin of the legendary LJK rucksack, this monstrosity is probably meant as a medic ruck. However apart from a few small details it could be like any external frame ruck made a couple of decades back.

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The rubberized ugly cousin of the legendary LJK rucksack, this monstrosity is probably meant as a medic ruck. However apart from a few small details it could be like any external frame ruck made a couple of decades back.

  • Waterproof external steel frame ruck
  • Height 72 cm, width 46 cm, weight 3,4 kg, volume maybe 100 litres
  • Possibly medic issue

Like most others, this is one helluva big external frame ruck, with a surprisingly advanced harness system made of... leather. The insides comprise of a large main compartment, two side pockets and two interesting frontal opening lower pockets. All of these are covered with a huge lid. The whole thing is waterproof thanks to the ruberized fabric.

When you throw the lid out of the way, there's a ladder style attachment base which you are supposed to run straps through to attach more stuff. The lid is so big you can even fit your partner under it, so don't worry about it. The straps might not be included, but any up 17 mm (0,67") diameter ones will do. When you're ready, the package can be secured with two horizontal compression straps.

The frame is steel and harness leather. The rucksack can be removed from the frame if you want to use the frame for anything else, like carrying firewood or the kids. The harness system is actually pretty cool, with such features as a sternum strap, padded hip belt and metal clip hooks meant for God-knows-what.

A word about the materials. The main fabric is rubberized nylon or something, and quite thick. The leather parts are proper thick too and FDF grey in colour. Everything else is steel!

Two grades

Grade 1

In lightly used, very good shape. There might be some rust on the metal parts due to long storage.

Grade 2

Heavily used. There's a lot of wear and you might have to even repair something. Fortunately these kind of things actually can be repaired!

Finnish army surplus!

Genuine Finnish army surplus, probably made in the 80's. We don't know a lot about these. We were told they were medical rucksacks, but go figure. There are two distinct colours; dark green and light green. We won't pick, you get one or the other.


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4.13 / 5
4 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

Tuollaisia rinkkoja kuului aikoinaan ns kevyen JSP:n ja komppaniatadon sidontapaikan kalustoon 2-3 kpl.
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I would recommend for a friend

22.01.2020 (Edited 25.01.2020)
I bought the Grade 1 rucksack. It looks like it was never used. The leather straps will need some TLC but otherwise this rucksack is great.

SPOILER: Unfortunately the sexy Finnish soldier from the pictures was not included in the shipment. This should have been noted in the description.
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I would recommend for a friend

A very nice and interesting backpack, with some unique features. I bought the Grade 1 and got a decent one. More like something between the Grade 1 and Grade 2, but well, still good though. The material is sturdy, the leather straps need a lot of grease (and there are a lot of them) and the steel frame will last forever. Some of the leather-backings where the straps are riveted to the fabric are missing, but that doesn't have any negative impact so far.
The harness-straps are not padded, with exception of the hip belt. This is no problem when you carry moderate loads up to 35kg. Beyond that you might consider adding pads. Overall quite comfortable to carry and for that price absolutely recommended.
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I would recommend for a friend

Pelonsekaisin tuntein odottelin tilauksen saapumista ja kun se viimein saapui, revin laatikon auki lapsenomaisella innostuksella. Sisältä paljastui rumilus, joka muistutti lähinnä yliajettua sammakkoa, ja joka lisättynä leffaan Uinu uinu lemmikkini olisi taatusti saanut yleisön poistumaan oksennellen salista. Katsokaapa vain tuon kakkoslaatuisen kuvia, koska omani taitaa olla juurikin tuo kuvissa esiintyvä yksilö :)
Ei siinä mitään. Aikani hirviötä tutkittuani tulin siihen tulokseen että tämähän piru vieköön on pientä reikää ja vääntynyttä solkea lukuunottamatta ehjä, joten pussiosio irti ja pesuun ja samalla kunnostin nahkahihnat, joista yksi näytti vähän väsymisen merkkejä ollen venynyt, muiden ollessa lähinnä rapeita.
Vaan pienellä vaivannäöllä tästä sukeutui, jos ei näyttelyiden kehutuin yksilö, niin ainakin kovaa käyttöä sietävä ja hemmetin tilava rinkka, jota on vieläpä äärimmäisen mukava kantaa isossakin lastissa. Kokeiltu on. Onneksi maailmasta löytyy vielä nahkahihnojakin niin tämä on helppo korjata jos joku niistä pettää.
Tähtiä nuinkin paljon koska tämä yllätti positiivisesti.
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