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Finnish bread bag, very rough

Finnish bread bag, very rough

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A proper vintage military shoulder bag and a piece of Finnish history too! These are in soooo rough condition, better pick up a needle and some thread right away.

This type of bread bag is an old classic, first fielded en masse by the Germans in WW1, in Finland this type of shoulder bag saw use through WW2 up till the introduction of the M/85 load bearing system in the early 90's!

As the name says, these were often used to carry a soldiers daily rations, but also ammunition and anything else needed in the field. In WW2 the most common fighting equipment used by Finnish troops was simply a leather belt and this type of bag, to which mess kit and canteen could be attached.

Used military surplus

In super rough condition, with large tears and holes and probably missing something too. You will likely haw to sew it up again if you're planning on using the bag. Some have a shoulder strap too. We won't pick.

This item is from the Tuntematon sotilas movie wardrobe

We have been supplying stuff for the new Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) movie and this item has been in the film wardrobe. We cannot guarantee it was actually used on set or has any screen time. The item usually has various property markings; old Milform wardrobe, our own, and of course various tags from the Tuntematon sotilas movie set, many of these permanent. These are size markings, names etc. All markings are placed in a way they do not show outside when the item is used.


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I would recommend for a friend

Exactly as described. A beaten up, torn, well used bread bag. Mine came with the Biggest of the holes already patched, and missing a few buttons, as well as some red stains. Other than that, this is a very hearty kit and a great DIY base for a strong bag!
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