Finnish Austro-Hungarian M17 steel helmet, surplus

Finnish Austro-Hungarian M17 steel helmet, surplus

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Original Austro-Hungarian M17 steel helmets, the classic coal scuttle model! These were sold to Finland after the First World War and used around these parts for many decades, well past the Second. A very iconic piece of Finnish military history, or military history in general.

While the shells are original WW1 manufacture, these have since been refitted with new suspension and chin straps in Finnish service They have also been repainted with gray or greenish gray, sometimes in multiple layers so the original stamps are hidden under.

In modern times these were bought from the Finnish army, then shipped to USA, then shipped back to Finland. We got some amounts of these, and they're sold off in small lots while we dig through them. Once the whole bunch is gone, that's it.

Size info

These have a three-pad lining. You can adjust the fit by emptying or filling these and using the tie-cord. Sold as "one size".


Used, but mostly intact. As said, the liner has been replaced by the Finnish army at some point. Its condition varies, along with the chin strap, but it's always quite intact. Additionally, having had a looong service life, the shell might have small dents and scratches or rust stains. Overall these are pretty nice.

Not sold for any actual protective purposes, only as a collectible.


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I would recommend for a friend

Having lived thru two world wars, mine was overall in a nice condition, the steel helmet itself was even a shellsize 66, so with a bit of tinkering with the Finnish headliner it manage to fit my 59cm head quite good.
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I would recommend for a friend

It's a very nice old unit, mine appears to be in pretty good condition overall. One of the ventilator horns is a little wobbly, and some of the liner rivets are slightly wonky, but since this is a collector item, this doesn't affect my rating. I really expected the liner to be a little more dry and worn out, but actually it's in really good condition. It seems to fit my 57cm head right out of the box.
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I would recommend for a friend

One of my favourite items in my militaria collection. I recieved mine in amazing condition and it fits my head like a charm too. I highly recommend buying one if you're into militaria.
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I would recommend for a friend

28.12.2018 (Edited 28.12.2018)
Aluks ajattelin vähän typeränkalliiks hattu-/kirjahyllyn koristeeks, mut sit tuumasin et"once in a lifetime"-tilaisuus hankkia aito 100-vuotias"sarvipotta"(jonka muotoilusta olen sittenkin aina enemmän pitänyt, kuin sittemmin"natsipotan"käsitteen luonut m-35. Ainoa oikea kypärämalli tämä Saksalainen"räystäsperse"toki, yksityiskohdista viis.) ja tuote oli just odotetun kaltanen! Lievästi kolhiintunut kaunis rumilus:) Ajattelin ensin"entisöidä"maalaamalla mattamustaksi, mut sit tuli mieli et eikö yli 100-vuotiaassa"sotakoneessa"saa näkyä eletyn elämän käänteet ja kirjo? Jätin sikseen. Päähän sopi kuin hansikas( sopii käteen siis;) kun tyhjensi toisesta sivusta aukinaisista pehmusteista( minun mallissa 3 kpl) yhteensä n.kourallisen semmosta"armeijan varaston näköstä ja hajusta pehkua"ja uhkaan kattoa tästä lähin jokasen sotaleffan tämä"kattila"päässä! Suosittelen ehdottomasti epattoja (erityisesti heitä, mut epäileväisiä tarkotin!;) tilaamaan! Kävispä kaikilla yhtä hyvä tuuri kappaleen suhteen kuin mulla. By the way, tällä kypärällä on hyvin vähän eroa tuohon 30€ kallimpaan Saksalaisversioon. Ulkonäöllisesti siis!"Oikeet"keräilijät voivat olla ja ovat mitä mieltä ovat.
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