Fenix AOFS+ Filter Adapter

Fenix AOFS+ Filter Adapter

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The AOFM for TK series flashlights has a minimal effect on your light quality except for colour. Easy to attach and remove. Flats on the sides to prevent rolling.

Red is a good choice for fishing, as it attracts fish and the light doesn't reflect off the water surface. Also retains your adaptation to the dark, which is very tactical.

Green makes outlines stronger and provides good vision without hurting your adaptation to twilight. Suitable for map reading etc.

Blue highlights blood, which is useful when tracking a wounded animal that moves on any amount of legs.

  • Body: Bayer Material Science PC 2805 polymer
  • Lens: heat-treated glass with anti-glare finish
  • Excellent visible light transmittance
  • Suitable for PD35, PD12, UC30 and others with a 25.4 mm (1") diameter bezel

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