ESS Profile NVG protective goggles, black, with spare lens

114.99 EUR
ESS Profile NVG protective goggles, black, with spare lens
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Demand the best, be the best, get ESS Profile NVGs! Made without compromise. God bless America, the only easy day was yesterday and all that.

The Profile NVG was developed together with the US Special Forces. The end result is an excellent piece of ballistic eyewear. The low profile and narrow constuction enables use with helmets, night vision goggles and proper weapons handling. These are built to last and comfortable to wear.

ESS' advanced ClearZone™ FlowCoat lens treatments provide the optimal combination of anti-scratch coatings on the outside of the lenses and anti-fog coatings on the inside


  • 2,8 mm thick extremely strong polycarbonite lens - tested with shotguns!
  • low profile and narrow construction
  • wide and elastic adjustable strap
  • includes two lenses ; clear and smoke grey

Factory new, made by ESS.

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