ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X protective glasses

124.99 EUR
ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X protective glasses
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A pair of superior safety glasses - one pair ear cup compatible, the other "normal". Also come with two sets of lenses, dark and bright or red and bright. Of course you can freely combine whatever lenses and frames you want.

The package includes:

  • Two frames: Crossbow (normal) and Suppressor (ear cup compatible). Both are engineered to fit most faces.
  • Two pairs of lenses: bright and dark or bright and red - your choice. Quick and easy to change to different frames. Made of 2,4 mm thick ballistic polycarbonate.
  • Elastic neckband. Fits both frames.
  • Carrying bag, which can be used to wipe the glasses clean. Always use microfibre cloth to clean them - never paper or similar.
  • Hard case. Both glasses fit in simultaneously.
  • A comprehensive user manual in English.
  • The manufacturer promises these are totally fog-free, but we would take this with a pinch of salt. However, the coating does seem to be very good. The outside is scratch-resistant. Both lense pairs are distortion-free with 100% UVA/UVB protection. The glasses meet or exceed the following standards:

    • U.S. Federal OSHA
    • ANSI Z87.1+
    • MIL-PRF-31013
    • EN 166

    These are on the U.S. Army's Authorized Protective Eyewear List.

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