Eagle Industries  SCAR-H (MP1) Double Magazine Pouch, Coyote Brown, surplus

Eagle Industries SCAR-H (MP1) Double Magazine Pouch, Coyote Brown, surplus

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This here is a standard 7.62 magazine pouch, just made from top-notch materials in the US. Don't let the price of a cheap knock-off fool you: it's the real thing. This is the gem of surplus markets!

Fits two 7.62x51 SCAR-H or FAL 20 rounds magazines. G3 mags are slightly too large: you can fit one with ease, but two is NO-GO. An elastic band keeps even a single magazine securely in the pouch. Standard MOLLE/PALS attachment.

Long 30-round magazines are semi-OK if you accept that the closure barely makes contact. Not something we'd recommend, but someone would have asked anyway.

US military surplus

Made in the USA by Eagle Industries. Tough construction to withstand combat, but not been there. Overall in a very nice condition; smells like Freedom!

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11.10.2018 (Edited 23.05.2019)

Some of the best surplus pouches and absolutely the best 7.62 magazine pouches I have ever used. They even fit my Tapco 20 round SKS magazines. Cheap, good quality and excellent functionality.
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