Eagle Industries M9 (MP1) Fort Bragg Magazine Pouch, Coyote Brown, surplus

Eagle Industries M9 (MP1) Fort Bragg Magazine Pouch, Coyote Brown, surplus

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There are two schools of reloading: one believes you should take cover when reloading, others are more likely to die. No matter which route you choose, it's generally unhealthy to spend any time in a gunfight with an unfed firestick.

The pearls of the surplus world: real war-stuff for the price of a knock-off!

This model is designed by Eagle Industries and used by Special Forces operators. It's as fast as any sport shooting magazine holder, but offers a superior level of retention, protection and durability. Stiff plates within the NIR-compliant Cordura retain the shape, and the inside is lined with smooth material.

Forget about flaps that fold right back on your magazine when you open your pouch! You rip the ingenuillious retention strap open from the back to make it fall forward out of the way. It can also be secured to the front.

Fits one 9 mm pistol double-stack steel magazine (M9, M92FS, P226, CZ75 etc.) and not much else. Polymer mags like those of Glocks do not fit. Standard MOLLE/PALS attachment.

US military surplus

Made in the USA by Eagle Industries. Tough construction to withstand combat, but not been there. Overall in a very nice condition; smells like Freedom!

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Käyttämättömiä taskuja. CZ-75:n lippaalle täydellinen, mutta STI/Para-ord lippaan eivät mene.

Kaksi tällaista + Särmän leveämpi vyöadapteri = todella jämäkkä ja nopea tuplalipastasku vyölle.
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