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Dutch M65 Field Shirt, DPM, Surplus

Dutch M65 Field Shirt, DPM, Surplus

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A simple, durable field shirt in DPM camo. Dutch army surplus. Price-wise, a pretty damn good shirt.

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A simple, durable field shirt in DPM camo. Dutch army surplus. Price-wise, a pretty damn good shirt.

There’s nothing mystical in this one. It is a long-sleeved buttoned shirt with a collar. Two breast pockets and epaulets on the shoulders. On the right side, there’s a spot for the name tag, and on the left sleeve a Dutch flag. The fabric is fairly thick and durable 50/50 cotton/polyester. Wash at 60° C / 140° F.


The first four numbers of the NATO size refer to the user’s height and the last four to the chest circumference in centimeters. For example, 7585 is 175-185 cm (5' 9" - 6') and 0510 is 105-110 cm (41.5" - 43.5") . We opened these next to the Nato size to make them easier to read.

Note! These are not designed for people with looong arms. So, if you are in the orangutan department, these only work with sleeves folded.


Genuine Dutch army surplus. Some of these are unused, some have seen some use, but most likely in a nice air-conditioned office. In other words, these are in very good condition.


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Hieno on ja ylijäämänä todennäkösesti myös kestävää. Hihat suhteellisen lyhyet, mutta omassa koossa kuitenkin juuri ja juuri riittävät.
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