Dutch long johns, grey, surplus

Dutch long johns, grey, surplus

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A pair of basic technical underwear for cheap! The Dutch armed forces have long ago forsaken cotton underwear from active use, so now they get rid of the good stuff.

Suitably high waist, nice long leg inseam, non-chafing seams, and a standard fly is usually included, sometimes not.

Material and care

Made of 100 % polyester knit. Wash at 60 degrees Celsius.

Size info

Sizes in US-style easy system. Just pick by your usual underwear size, these do stretch quite a bit.

Real deal army surplus

Used, but washed and clean, to the disappointment of some people.


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I would not recommend to a friend

Kangas on sivusuunnassa kiitettävästi joustavaa , mutta saumat eivät jousta milliäkään. Taktista kuperkeikkaa tehdessä kangas repeää hassunhauskasti haaroista ihan sauman vierestä. Muuten ovat käytössä mukavat ja valmistusvuotena lapuissa mainitaan 2015 . Olisiko tuo saumaongelma syynä siihen ylijäämäksi päätymiseen....
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I would recommend for a friend

If you own a Dutch longsleeve undershirt or t-shirt, these Dutch long johns are a must! Show very minimal signs of use, but they are in almost unissued condition, much like the shirts. Similarly, there is a tag is on the back of the waist that reads "Ministerie van Defensie" (Ministry of Defense), and a label on one of the seams that reads "Thermowave". If you purchase a proper fitting size, and it appears to be way too small, don't worry, they stretch to a snug, comfortable fit (not to mention they are incredibly soft). Arrived in Western Canada in only 1 week as part of my first order. For the same price as the longsleeve undershirt, 12.99 CAD, you would be doing yourself a favour to buy these puppies! Perfect for layering in cold temperatures or even sleeping in. Thank you Varusteleka!
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