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Dutch KL Flame Resistant Shagmaster Shirt, surplus

Dutch KL Flame Resistant Shagmaster Shirt, surplus

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This here is a furry-version of the Dutch "bear jacket". If you want people to pet you, there's no better choice. Unlike many other thermal clothes, these KL shirts were made to be Flame Resistant.

Although undeniably warm and comfy, thermal shirts don't look nearly as sharp as a proper woolly pully. Instead, their strength is in the high collar and front zipper, which make them more functional in cold weather maneuvres. A shirt like this is just the stuff you want to wear under a shell parka!

Front closure and two pockets with high-quality zippers. Thumb-loops at the cuffs.

Size info

The four first digits of the NATO-size represents user height and the latter four mean chest circumference. For example, 7585 means 175-185 cm (5' 9" - 6' 1") and 0510 is abbreviated from 105-110 cm (41.4" - 43.5"). We wrote these in full length in the size selection to make things easier.

The height range is very large for some reason. In our opinion the 160-180 cm shirt is more suitable on a 175-180 cm wearer, so choose a size where you're in the upper third of the suggested range. Obviously, our arms vary in length and people have different tastes about sleeve length.

The widths are generous so picking your exact size will be a baggy fit. These are smaller at the top so fear not if you have a belly.

Here's a rough conversion of the sizes to easier ones.

cm-size"T-shirt size"US size (chest)
80-85 cmX-Small34"
85-90 cmSmall36"
90-95 cmSmall 1/238"
95-100 cmMedium40"
100-105 cmLarge42"
105-110 cmLarge 1/244"
110-115 cmX-Large46"

Material and care

43 % aramide, 43 % viscose FR, 14 % PES FR. All fibres have been modified to be Flame Resistant. Machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius and hang-dry.

Dutch army surplus

The shirts were made for war but you could only tell from the lack of a manufacturer logo and general simplicity. These have been used, but nicely, and washed afterwards.


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