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Dutch duffel bag, 75 l, DPM, surplus

Dutch duffel bag, 75 l, DPM, surplus

Price 30.99 USD excluding VAT

A simply constructed, super tough duffel bag, rough and ready!

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A simply constructed, super tough duffel bag, rough and ready!

Two models available

  • Older model: the bag in the main picture. This has a long shoulder strap in addition to normal handles.
  • Newer model: the bag in the extra pictures. This also has a carrying handle, and backpack straps instead of a proper shoulder strap.


Dimensions: 30 x 80 x 30 cm / (12" x 31.5" x 12"). Volume approx. 75 litres / 4600 in3.

Used Dutch army surplus

These are in used, sometimes even roughed up condition, but still perfectly serviceable with possible minor cosmetic flaws. If you're the fancy princess type who can't stand used kit, you'll be better off with a factory new product instead.


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3.81 / 5
8 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

17.10.2017 (Edited 23.05.2019)
i short: the best you can get... I have about 10 of these to store stuff in (winter stuff/ summer clothing, ski gear and such)
these are almost undestructable, made from very strong cordura, colors may fade a bit away, but... excellent,
the inside is seamed with a sort of colorless paint to make them waterproof, tapered seams, no moths can enter...
a few versions after this famous bag the Dutchies tried very light material, not so good, they let loose of the watersealing... but this bag... man
buy one if you need one, buy 10 if you can...
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I would recommend for a friend

08.02.2018 (Edited 16.03.2018)
I received the newer style in like new condition. This is a great bag. It has two large zippered pockets inside with some dividers to keep things even more weather resistant and organized. It has a couple pouches here and there of decent size too. Looks to be well made, extremely weather tight, and versatile.

Even though this bag is very nice, durable, and I am very pleased with it, it had to loose a star because it is noisy! Everything about this bag is loud and obnoxious. The velcro is the loudest ever made and is seemingly everywhere on the pockets. RRRRRIIIP. The fabric is extra crunchy sounding too, possibly the loudest fabric I have ever heard. Just picking it up sounds like crumpling up a paper bag. The zipper is not the quietest either. In fact I would bet this is the noisiest military bag ever produced.\

Received the older version, it is not quite as noisy, probably due to use. I would go for either one and am glad to have one of each. The newer bag is probably slightly better, but this is cutting hairs.
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I would recommend for a friend

20.03.2018 (Edited 20.03.2018)
Uskomaton laukku tähän hintaan. Uudempi malli kyseessä. Aluksi oli tarkoitus sovittaa ahkioon pitämään tavarat paikallaan, mutta hetken hypistelyn jälkeen täytyy todeta että kassi päätyy kyllä muuhunkin käyttöön. Tilaa riittää ja sisätaskut mukava plussa. Isompi tasku vetskarilla ja pienempi tarralla. Todella hyvän tuntunen selässä, kiitos leveiden reppuvaljaiden ja poikittaisten kiristysremmien. Ei voi muuta kun auliisti suositella. Pirun hyvä kassi.
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I would not recommend to a friend

26.06.2018 (Edited 10.07.2018)
I would recommend for a friend

Todella hyvä ja riittävän iso, uudempi versio, aivan uuden oloinen, hinta/laatu parempi kuin erittäin hyvä.
Laukkuun mahtuu uskomaton määrä tavaraa, erittäin laadukas ja jämäkkä ei mitään rättikangasta, luultavasti kestää kauemmin kuin minä..
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I would not recommend to a friend

Vetoketju meni paskaksi heti ensimmäisellä käyttökerralla. Tämä uudempaa mallia.
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I would recommend for a friend

01.10.2019 (Edited 20.12.2019)
My bag too came in a new and unissued condition. I do appreciate the shoulder straps that allow for carrying like a back pack. A well thought out design. True it is noisy, but since I am not in a combat environment that is a minor flaw. It is going to make a great clothing/gear and travel bag due to the inside pouches. I am considering ordering another one.

Update: I purchased another one and gave it to my son as an early Christmas gift. After seeing what he was using to carry his deer hunting clothing, I knew this would be an item he would appreciate. I would also recommend the newer model if possible.
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I would recommend for a friend

I brought the older model and I must commend the previous owner, a Mr. Ringia, for keeping it in such a condition. It looks as if it was used maybe once before in its entire life. I feel a bit guilty now for using it to lug around greasy chainsaws.
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