Dutch duffel bag, 75 l, DPM, surplus

27.99 USD
Older model with shoulder strap
Dutch duffel bag, 75 l, DPM, surplus
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BW duffel bag, 100 l, surplus

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Czech duffel bag, camo, surplus

Czech duffel bag, camo, surplus

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Mil-Tec duffel bag 60 l

Mil-Tec duffel bag 60 l

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A medium sized duffel bag from Mil-Tec. Now available in both black and green!

A simply constructed, super tough duffel bag, rough and ready!

Two models available

  • Older model: the bag in the main picture. This has a long shoulder strap in addition to normal handles.
  • Newer model: the bag in the extra pictures. This also has a carrying handle, and backpack straps instead of a proper shoulder strap.


Dimensions: 30 x 80 x 30 cm. Volume approx. 75 litres.

Used Dutch army surplus

These are in used, sometimes even roughed up condition, but still perfectly serviceable with possible minor cosmetic flaws. If you're the fancy princess type who can't stand used kit, you'll be better off with a factory new product instead.

Product reviews

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I would recommend for a friend
i short: the best you can get... I have about 10 of these to store stuff in (winter stuff/ summer clothing, ski gear and such)
these are almost undestructable, made from very strong cordura, colors may fade a bit away, but... excellent,
the inside is seamed with a sort of colorless paint to make them waterproof, tapered seams, no moths can enter...
a few versions after this famous bag the Dutchies tried very light material, not so good, they let loose of the watersealing... but this bag... man
buy one if you need one, buy 10 if you can...
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