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DD SuperLight Tarp Tent

DD SuperLight Tarp Tent

Price 159.99 USD excluding VAT

If you think tents are too heavy, here's one that you will barely notice in your rucksack! At well below two pounds (incl. accessories) it's the lightest tent with a groundsheet in our selection!

  • In stock 8 pcs. Also available in our walk-in store. Sold 2 pcs in the last two weeks.
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If you think tents are too heavy, here's one that you will barely notice in your rucksack! At well below two pounds (incl. accessories) it's the lightest tent with a groundsheet in our selection!

The Superlight Tarp Tent is a frame-free singleskin tent, which means there is no inner tent or poles and weight has been reduced incredibly low figures as a result. The tent still has a separate bug net and waterproof groundsheet, so comfort and functionality isn't sacrificed all that much.

The tent is pitched by pegging the tent to the ground and then using a light spreader pole (included) to prop up the foot end and two 135 cm hiking poles (not included) for the taller side. This kind of dual-use of hiking poles is a smart way to reduce weight. From there it's just a matter of using guy lines to increase the space inside, open vents and secure the tent. Optional guy-out points can be used to secure the tent in stronger winds.

Room for one person and gear, the layout has a separate space for muddy boots so keeping the interior clean is possible.

Single skin tents in general don't handle condensation as well as double-walled models, but this model has generous vents and no seams run horizontally on the fabric, which would cause condensed water to stop and drop.

Material and care

The fabric is single-layered SuperLight ripstop nylon with a waterproof PU coating and taped seams. Any washing should be done in lukewarm water by hand with mild detergents.

Repeated folding seams could weaken the fabric over time, so the manufacturer recommends to just stuff the tent in its bag. We like this approach, because it's also easier to do.

Product specs

  • L: 250 cm, W: 150 cm, H: 95 cm
  • Packed size: 31 x 13 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 710 g (excl. pegs & guylines)
  • Waterproof: 3000 mm (PU coated w. taped seams)
  • Tent
  • Small foot-end pole
  • 12 pcs SuperLight pegs
  • 4 guylines (1 m each)
  • 2 guylines (2 m each)
  • Small stuff sack for accessories
  • Stuff sack to pack/store the whole thing

Made by DD Hammocks

Founded in 2005, the British DD Hammocks supplies proper quality hammocks, tarps and other related stuff. Along with campers, hikers etc., a large customer base is in the British military. If it's good enough for war zones, it should do well in civilian life too. Go check out their web page,


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4.63 / 5
4 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

Ensimmäisenä yönä taivaalta satoi vaakasuoraan eikä vesi silti tullut teltasta läpi. Ainoastaan muutama pisara oli tiivistynyt teltan sisäpuolelle.

Ps. Omasta teltastani puuttui yhdestä nurkasta lenksu, mutta se ei vaikuttanut teltan toimivuuteen.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Mukana ei tullut kasausohjeita, mutta pienen hämmästelyn jälkeen homma pelitti. En ehkä kuitenkaan jättäisi ekaa rakennuskertaa pimeään ja sateiseen syysmetsään. Hyvin nukuttu reissussa. Kosteutta tiivistyy sisälle aika reilusti - pitää katsoa miten tuuletusta saisi paremmaksi.
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I would recommend for a friend

Melko halvaksi teltaksi hyvin toimiva ja kevyt. Pystyttämisessä kikkana on jättää uloin vetoketju auki aina, kun ei sada vaakatasoon tai tuuli käy sisään verkko-ovesta siten, että teltan kestävyys on koetuksella tai alkaa tulla vilu sisällä. Ovikappaleen saa kiiloilla viritettyä vähän tarppimaisesti enemmän auki jolloin alaosaan jää 10-15cm tuuletusrako samoin kuin vetoketjun kohdalle. Tuohon väliin mahtui jo 70l rinkka sateelta suojaan kyljellään. Kaatosateessa voi toki joutua vetämään ketjun kiinni ja kärsiä kondensiovesistä.

Yli 185cm pitkillä voi jalkopää käydä ahtaaksi. Ja mitä paksumpi makuualusta, sitä vähemmän tilaa jaloille on ylöspäin lyhyemmilläkin ihmisillä.
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