DD Hammock Quilt

59.99 USD
Used as a simple blanket.
DD Hammock Quilt
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DD Underblanket
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DD Underblanket

63.99 USD

With this underblanket, or underquilt if you will, you can camp comfortably in your hammock even when the temperature drops below the freezing point! The underblanket works as an insulator beneath your hammock, providing loft where a flattened sleeping bag can't.

DD Frontline Hammock

DD Frontline Hammock

66.99 USD

Frontline is the flagship hammock of DD Hammocks. With this it doesn't really matter where you go, the hammock has clever little features that make it suitable for just about any weather or climate. No wonder many soldiers of the British armed forces love these!

DD SuperLight Hammock

DD SuperLight Hammock

69.99 USD

As the name says, this hammock is made to be as light and compact as possible without sacrificing size and quality. Fits in a smock pocket, how about that! No reason not to carry a hammock with you all the time. Especially good for saving space when camping and hiking. Complete package, includes Whoopie Slings, Tree Huggers and Soft Shackle carabiners!

DD Hammock Sleeve

DD Hammock Sleeve

12.99 USD

A hammock sleeve is a wonderful little packing aid which keeps your hammock as a nice long tube when packing it away.

DD Hammock SuperLight Mosquito Net

DD Hammock SuperLight Mosquito Net

36.99 USD

A fantastic, simple and lightweight mosquito net that fits pretty much any and all hammocks on the market! An absolute must have -accessory for any hammockeer. Weight only 190 g (pouch excluded).

A sleeping bag is not the one and only option for hammockeers, the Quilt by DD Hammocks is a clever choice for warmer weather. This is basically a crossbreed of an old timey blanket and a modern sleeping bag, very versatile and a perfect companion to go with the Underblanket. The leg portion and neck can be snapped and tightened shut to form a sort of pseudo-sleeping bag, or you can just throw the Quilt over you like a blanket.

The Quilt is not design to cover the sleeper completely, instead only from feet to neck. Recommended max length is 180 cm, unfortunately no longer sizes are avaible. The shell material is lightweight ripstop-reinforced nylon, filled with 200 g/m2 synthetic silk.

Weight 875 g. Comes with a handy compression bag. Below are the measurements when opened and laid out flat:

  • Top width: 128 cm
  • Bottom width: 92 cm
  • Length: 194 cm

Made by DD Hammocks

Founded in 2005, the British DD Hammocks supplies proper quality hammocks, tarps and other related stuff. Along with the common joe, campers, hikers etc., a large customer base is in the British military. If it's good enough for war zones, it should do well in civilian life too. Go check out their web page, DDhammocks.com.

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