Czechoslovakian trouser braces, Wehrmacht model, surplus

4.99 USD
Czechoslovakian trouser braces, Wehrmacht model, surplus
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BW trouser braces, surplus

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Basic elastic button-fastened braces, German Bundeswehr surplus.

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Helsingin Olkain button braces

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High quality button braces, made in Finland! Better start sewing on buttons on your trousers if they don't have them already, as only barbarians, men of low moral fibre and the Finnish army uses clip-on braces!

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Czech women's leather gloves, surplus

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Old Czechoslovakian trouser suspenders - these look identical to the German World War 2 braces, so much in fact that you sometimes see these sold as originals.

These attach to the buttons of your trousers. If your trousers don't have any, sew a few on immediately, then buy these.

Czech army surplus

Used and in serviceable condition. Some are elastic, some are not. We don't differentiate. If you want good quality new braces with a predictable condition, buy something else: we stock those too.

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I would recommend for a friend
These are pretty good and fairly sturdy but they have no elasticity the strap materiel seems like it might fray with wear.

For the price these are good quality but I would not choose these for anything but casual wear. Rating reflects this.
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