Czech surgeon's tin

6.99 USD
Czech surgeon's tin
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Finnish lion button, nickeled/black

Finnish lion button, nickeled/black

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Real Finnish made Finnish army lion emblem buttons! Damn fine quality, colour-wise these are very similar to a common WW2 era type.

Italian sewing kit, surplus

Italian sewing kit, surplus

1.99 USD

Basic sewing necessities in a handy little roll pouch. Although the Italian workmanship shows, these are perfectly fine sets.

A surprisingly pleasing little stainless steel tin, good for storing all kinds of little this and that. The lid and the case are both made of one-piece stamped steel sheet, no seams anywhere.

The lid works with just friction, but it stays closed quite well. Overall these do have a quality feel to them! Available in two sizes.

  • Small: inside dimensions 4,5 x 8,5 x 2,3 cm. Weight 60 g.
  • Large: inside dimensions 5,8 x 10,8 x 3 cm. Weight 115 g.

A handy way to carry your pocket-size first aid essentials, fuel tables or a sewing kit.

Genuine Czech surplus

Stamped "PREMA - ORIGINAL RECORD". If these have been used, they are well cleaned. These do have a waxy coating on them of varying coverage, so you'll have to wash the tin anyway.

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