Czech M52 steel helmet, surplus

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Czech M52 steel helmet, surplus
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Belgian helmet camouflage net, surplus

Belgian helmet camouflage net, surplus

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A classic camouflage net for a steel helmet, these Belgian Cold War era surplus nets are meant for M1 style pots, but work practically with any steel helmet. If the net seems too tight, just use some extension cord to fit it right.

CCCP Gimnasterka shirt, thick, surplus

CCCP Gimnasterka shirt, thick, surplus

54.99 USD

Old Soviet Gimnasterka shirts, which soldiers had to enjoy through the latter part of the Great Patriotic War and long after that too! These seemed to be mainly 60's manufacture. Not a very common sight these days. This is the heavier model made of gabardine style wool, of course very coarse. One-off lot!

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Czech parka with liner, olive green, surplus

Czech parka with liner, olive green, surplus

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The Czech response to those bitter East-European winters; this is a modular winter jacket with a shell layer, hood, thick liner and the essential fur collar. Thanks to the design, it works well in warmer weather too. It's even a pretty good looking parka considering its origin.

Czech leather magazine pouch for Vz61 Skorpion, surplus

Czech leather magazine pouch for Vz61 Skorpion, surplus

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Proper old leather mag pouches, this time for the Skorpion machine pistol. Czech manufacture.

Czechoslovakian foot wrap, surplus

Czechoslovakian foot wrap, surplus

1.99 USD

Not often do you find such relics today - after all these years the Czech army finally let go of their foot wraps. Being Finns we naturally were very interested in them. These are tied up probably like the Soviet and Finnish wraps, which are close relatives. 1 pc means 1 wrap! Buy two if you are lucky enough to have two feet! Buy one if you just intend to use it as a rag.

The Czech helmet is modeled directly after the Soviet SSh40, but with different lining. The chinstrap is either nylon or leather, depends on when the pot is made. All of these are old Cold War surplus.

A very standard looking East Bloc helmet, the Czech pot is a cheap alternative for the more pricey Soviet SSh40. You want a cheap steel helmet, you buy this one. We get these with a three-point nylon chinstrap complex or a very traditional leather two-point system. Lately the leather ones have been way more common, which is good because they look better.


In used condition, and sometimes not very pretty either - prepare to clean it up a bit. Not sold for any real protective purposes, only as a collectible.

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I received the leather liner version. Good for display, not so much for re-enacting as you may get one that won't fit.

The liner I received was very tiny. The adjustment is thoroughly seized, but I'll update if I can ever get it to move. Even still, there does not seem to be too much to move. I believe the liner is adjustable, but likely came in sizes, like 54-56, 57-59, etc.

The leather is VERY dry. Neats foot oil is a must.

Update: There are 3 snaps/buttons at the back of the liner to connect the leather to the liner band as you expand it. I now see mine is at its widest (and still stuck there) and it measures at 56. There is an ink stamp in the shell that reads 54. At first I thought it was a date stamp, but now I think it means its a small 54 (expandable to 56) liner.
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