Czech large rubberized bag, surplus

4.99 USD
Czech large rubberized bag, surplus
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Czechoslovakian M60 backpack, brown, surplus

Czechoslovakian M60 backpack, brown, surplus

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Jämä hobo bag

Jämä hobo bag

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The most fashionable thing there is: a very durable fabric shopping bag, or hobo bag like we like to call these. Not only is this bigger and better designed than most what you see in grocery stores, this is also way more ecologial: the material is 100% recycled. Made right here at Varusteleka!

A large rubberized bag. Just the colour of a hangover, this incidentally is large enough to hold a case of cheap beer and a bottle of something stronger too and definitely won't break while doing so. For this price it's almost a steal, if these only weren't so horrible!

Probably meant for radio stuff, someone actually had to carry these around in times past. Once communism went belly-up, they didn't get rid of them, but sold the bags off and some army store from Finland bought them.

  • Shaped with corruption and decadence in mind: like it's designed for a 24-pack and a bottle of hard stuff
  • Dimensions about 48 x 35 x 14 cm, volume just a tad under 25 litres
  • Carried with a coarse, a tad short shoulder strap
  • The flap has just a couple of snap fasteners to keep it shut
  • The material is thick and durable rubber. If you leave this in the sun, the contents will be baked for sure. Colour: hangover

The cheap price does not mean cheap quality, these are real army surplus and thus made properly. Beats any chinese made stuff anyday and being surplus, these are even environmentally friendy... unless you discard them unproperly.


Used, some of the snaps might be broken and the might be old writings somewhere. Smells just like communist East Bloc kit should. Some are a bit sticky, but easily wiped clean. Also the hangover colours vary a bit - some are pretty bleak, some not as horrible.

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