Czech general purpose strap, brown, leather, surplus

3.99 EUR
Czech general purpose strap, brown, leather, surplus
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Czechoslovakian backpack, brown, surplus

Czechoslovakian backpack, brown, surplus

9.99 EUR

A small, brown canvas or linen backpack from Czechoslovakia. These are probably made in the earlier part of the Cold War, copied almost directly from the German World War 2 era rucksack. Actually a pretty nice piece, especially considering the price!

Ekol leather oil, 0,25l

Ekol leather oil, 0,25l

6.99 EUR

Superb stuff for treating all kinds of leather (not suede), making it more water repellent, more flexible and on the whole better.

Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus

Swedish utility strap pair, leather, surplus

2.49 EUR

Proper old time leather straps, and at a price like this you can't afford not to buy a pair! Tough, reliable and has that special something modern nylon straps lack.

In the age of polyester and nylon, it's refreshing to have some leather and steel items in your hands. A very traditional leather general purpose strap. These are made extremely well in a world when consumerism wasn't fashionable and things were made to last.

Length at least 60 cm, width about 1.5 cm (varies a bit). Two models available: with one or two buckles. Use revolver punch pliers to make additional holes if necessary.

Genuine army surplus

Unissued, but have been thrown around warehouses for a long time - there might be stains and dust on the leather, some rust on the metal parts. Nothing serious though, these are very serviceable. Get yours while stocks last, these are rare treasures (really)!

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- sain parit hihnat uudenveroisina ja lisää ikää niille tein rasvaamalla valjasrasvalla myös tuolta haljaspuolelta
- pestä noita voi sitten marseille-saippualla, jos siihen tarvetta on
- suosittelen!
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