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Chicom AK Drop Case, Surplus

Chicom AK Drop Case, Surplus

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The Chinese idea of a handy AK-47 drop case.

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The Chinese idea of a handy AK-47 drop case.

Genuine military surplus of the mighty People’s Liberation Army of China, which really isn’t that commonly seen here. And you won’t see these for that much longer either because the batch is small and the demand might be huge.

We got a special shipment of Chinese army Chicom gear. The legend has it that these rare beauties came from a secret British SAS warehouse. Why did they have these in the first place, remains a mystery. The main thing is that we got them now, and soon you can have them if you act fast. This epic battle gear will disappear very quickly.


This masterpiece of Chinese military engineering is basically a bag that fits one AK-47. The idea is to wrap the gun inside but leave the sling outside. Because why waste material on a sling when the rifle has one that you can use. The bag fits rifles up to c. 100 cm / 39.5" long . You secure the bag shut with strings, so it is up to your Shibari skills how easy it is to get your gun out.


This is Chinese military surplus forgotten in a dusty old warehouse. Most of these are unissued but some have seen some use. The colors vary a bit from darker to lighter green cotton/cotton blend. There might be some chalk dust on them, even some small stains. The material and color of the reinforcement patches inside the bag also differ. If anything but mint condition gives you anxiety, buy a Chinese copy of the Chinese original. But that won’t be nearly as cool as this.


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Looks neat, seems to have a bit of extra room in the front for your crazy muzzle brakes. The small ties on mine were a little too short to properly bow knot, and I'm not really sure how you're supposed to efficiently tie the big middle strap without modification.
Since this is basically just a long cotton compression bag, it will fit many guns with dimensions similar to/smaller than the AKM, it fits my SKS (with usable strap!) and my M16A1 lookalike (one of the longest AR-15s you normally see), use that as reference if you don't have an AK.
If you want something slim and style-correct for your combloc rifle, BUY ASAP! but remember this doesn't offer as much protection as modern padded bags.
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Shawn R. 28.08.2020
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