Ceramic whetstone, small

1.99 EUR
Ceramic whetstone, small
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J.P. Peltonen Sissipuukko

J.P. Peltonen Sissipuukko

79.99 EUR

A very simple and rugged military knife from Finland. No Rambo/"survival" stuff here - this is meant for real use.

Wästikivi Eräkivi whetstone

Wästikivi Eräkivi whetstone

12.99 EUR

A rough translation of "Eräkivi" would be "wilderness stone", and that's exactly what this is - sized for easy carry, this little buddy is always ready to keep your blades in shape out in the wilderness. Size 120 x 30 x 10 mm. Made from natural Finnish phyllite, the same stuff that our ancestors used since they first invented a knife that needed maintenance. Naturally due to the natural nature of the stone these don't follow any man made grit values, but that doesn't really matter since each and every Wästikivi will surely keep your blade sharp!

Signal whistle 6in1

Signal whistle 6in1

4.99 EUR

A ridiculously multi functional whistle, this little thing includes: a thermometer, a compass, a magnifying glass, a mirror and a signalling light. A neck lace is included.

Fenix CL20 Lantern

Fenix CL20 Lantern

44.99 EUR

A very handy little LED lantern for camping use, fantastic sleek design. Soft neutral light and red light for preserving night vision and signalling use. Magnet attachment, can be used to attach the lantern to tent sheets using metal backing on the other side. Works with both AA and CR123A batteries!

Nitecore EC4 flashlight

Nitecore EC4 flashlight

99.99 EUR

A solid, weatherproof torch for serious use. Hard anodized surface with a one-piece aluminium frame, this will hold up pretty well. The power is provided by two 18650 batteries. You can chhose between different power outputs depending on the need - long battery life vs high power.

A very small, cheap and handy ceramic sharpening stone. So compact you could even attach (glue is good) this directly to just about any sheath for real easy carry.

The dimensions vary a bit, as you see from the photos. Thickness just a few millimetres.

No idea about the manufacturer but quality-wise these are just as good as any fancy ceramic whetsones.

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