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Casio W-202-1AVEF
Casio W-202-1AVEF.

Casio W-202-1AVEF

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The Casio W-202 is among the smallest and lightest wristwatches, and it offers improvements over the baseline in almost every possible way. Much more functional than the F-91W but still a very affordable timepiece.

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The Casio W-202 is among the smallest and lightest wristwatches, and it offers improvements over the baseline in almost every possible way. Much more functional than the F-91W but still a very affordable timepiece.

What exactly is improved, you may ask? Well, a couple of things:

  • Stopwatch goes to 24 hours
  • Various alarm types
  • Countdown timer (with auto-repeat, too)
  • Smarter calendar
  • Better backlight
  • Waterproofing

The suffix 1AVEF means the color code (1 for Black, A means a normal positive display), and VEF denotes export models. The various regions are most often just packaged a bit differently, and the manual language varies.

Technical Specs

Casio wristwatches have so much in common that finding the right one for you may be difficult. Here are some simple facts:

  • Width: 35.0 mm
  • Height: 38.9 mm
  • Thickness: 9.4 mm
  • Weight: 27 g
  • Battery / Life: CR2016 / 3 years
  • Water Resistance: 5 BAR / 50 m
  • Made in China
  • Module: 3294


These are features that may require clarification and may not be found on all models:

Countdown Timer

The timer can be set with 1-second increments for up to 24 hours. You can set it to repeat automatically e.g. for interval training or to remind of medication you take more than once a day.


Stopwatch with 1/100th precision to 24 hours. Displays elapsed time and can be toggled for split times and 1st and 2nd places.

The split time in Casio watches means freezing the elapsed time on the screen while the stopwatch keeps running in the background. E.G. if you run 1:36 laps with a steady pace, your first split time will be 1:36, the second one 3:12, then 4:48, and so on.

Alarm Clock / Hourly Signals

You can set hourly time signals on or off, and the watch has a multitude of alarms to choose from: daily alarm, daily alarm for one month, alarm at a specified date, or a monthly alarm.

Calendar to the year 2099

You don't have to check the date setting of this watch each month: leap years, Februaries, and Biblical events are covered for a very long time – automagically.


The W-202 allows you to read the minutes and seconds in the dark, not just the hours. This is thanks to another amber LED on the right side of the display. Fixed afterglow at 2 seconds. Higher-end models of today have something they call the Super Illuminati, but this one does just fine.

You can enable a flash alert to make the backlight blink when the alarm or countdown timer goes off. This may be helpful in loud environments where tiny beeps would be difficult to hear.

Made by Casio

The first invention by Tadao Kashio was the yubiwa pipe: a ring that allows you to smoke a cigarette hands-free and all the way to the end. Tobacco was expensive in war-torn Japan (because WWII), and people had their hands full of work, so this was exactly what the market wanted. With the profits from the pipe, Kashio could fund the development of Casio's first electro-mechanical calculator.

High intelligence and flair for business combined with this sort of diligence could not have led to anything but the success Casio has achieved. The company has been the first mover too many times to mention. Let's skip the list this time.

Being the first mover has not sacrificed quality: many people still use Casio wristwatches they bought 40 years ago, and they have gained the trust of NASA, numerous special (and non-special) forces, law enforcement, paramedics, and so on. Another long list. The TL;DR is that all of these are damn good, pick any one you like!

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