Carinthia Tropen sleeping bag

Carinthia Tropen sleeping bag

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The perfect summertime sleeping bag, the Tropen is designed for comfort in warm temperatures, it's highly breathable, very lightweight and equipped with a mosquito net! Top of the line military quality for heavy use!

Unlike Carinthias Defence series of sleeping bags the Tropen is not made waterproof, this makes it very, very breathable which is a key point in keeping you comfortable when sleeping out in warm weather. The breathability also makes Tropen the perfect liner bag - stuff this into another bag (Carinthias Defence 4 for example) and you have a very, very warm combo that can keep you warm in extreme temperatures!

Comes with a compression bag, which is compressionable both height and lengthwise.

Bag model and features

The mummy shape: Here the criteria of stuff size, weight and warmth are most important. The tapered foot section reduces weight and stuff size. The main advantage is, however, that from the knee downwards there is increasingly less internal volume to keep warm. The foot section should not be so small that the feet cause the layers of insulation to poke out. A trapezoidal foot section has proven to be ideal. A wedge shape, declining evenly in width from top to bottom, does not fit the true proportions of the body.

Two-way zipper: All Carinthia military sleeping bags are equipped with a two way zipper. The glider on the top does not snag, allowing a quick step out if necessary (in case of alert for example). The glider on the down side does stick and can be opened for ventilation.

Trapezoidal foot section: Experience has shown that the trapezoidal cut provides the ultimate foot space. In a normal sleeping position, the feet do not poke the insulation outward, avoiding cold spots. There is also enough room to store a shoe bag or extra clothing.

The outer shell fits loosely over the bag innards, providing an extra insulating layer of air. This also eliminates heat loss due to seams combining the shell with the fillings. Overall this feature enhances the bags performance considerably!


  • Shelltrans outer shell and lining - a soft to the skin ripstop reinfoced, highly breathable polyamide with excellent moisture wicking capabilities.
  • Thermoflect, a very thin, very lightweight aluminium material which reflects body heat. Thermoflect raises the sleeping bags heat retaining capacity by about 11 %.
  • G-Loft filling - Carinthias own, in-house "hollowfiber", made in Austria. Highly compressible, excellent weight-insulation ratio and also moisture resistant, meaning that it will work even under long term use in damp conditions.
  • Tropen uses G-Loft filling. In this lightweight design, the outer shell is loosely attached to the bag. The G-LOFT Plus filling is quilted to an insulating scrim. As a result, an additional air pocket is formed between the quilted insulation layer and the shell, yet no cold seams can occur.

Temperature recommendations and size

  • Comfort 5° C, Extreme -12° C, perfect for summer use and even some of the cooler nights, by adding a bivvy or liner bag you can take this into even colder places.
  • Available in two sizes: 185 cm (weight 1100 g, full length 200 cm) and 200 cm (weight 1300 g, full length 215 cm).

Made by Carinthia

Carinthia is a well known sleeping bag and existence gear manufacturer. Outside of their homeland Austria they have equipped many European countries, including scandinavia and our very own Finnish Defence Forces too! All of Carinthias products are made either in Austria or elsewhere in the EU, so quality, manufacturing ethics etc. are guaranteed!

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I would recommend for a friend
I would recommend for a friend
Erinomainen kesäpussi, tilaa rittää isollekin miehelle. Ja tuo ötökkäverkko on hätätilassa hyvä bonus.

Valitettavasti vain verkon sulkeminen ja avaaminen on erittäin vaikeaa, vetskari jumittaa yms. Lisäksi makuupussin suuaukon säätimiin tai vetojetkuun ei pääse käsiksi verkon takaa vaan se on ensin "purettava" tieltä pois. Ja kun tähän yhdistää sen, että pussi hiostaa kuumina kesäöinä, niin eipä tee mieli ötökkäaikaan käyttää. Verkon materiaali on itsessäänkin ihan pirun huonosti hengittävää.

Mielummin nukkuu vaatteet päällä, pussi auki, Lekan nahkahanskat kädessä, hattu päässä ja hyttyshuppu hatun päällä kuin hikoilee tukahduttavassa pussissa perkeleellisen hankalasti yöllä pimeässä aukeavan tukahduttavan verkon alla.

Mutta hyvä pussi muuten.
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