Carinthia sleeping bag Gore-Tex cover

295.99 USD
Carinthia sleeping bag Gore-Tex cover
Price 295.99 USD. In stock 6 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä! Products in stock are also available in our walk-in store.
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Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag

Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag

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The Defence 4 may be Carinthias best all-around sleeping bag. Designed for cold and nasty weather, it's no surprise that (among others) also the Finnish army adopted this very model! This here is a reliable choice, designed for very demanding use!

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A lightweight sleeping bag liner, gives you a little bit of extra insulation and helps a lot with keeping your main sleeping bag: these are easy to wash without wearing out the filling of the actual sleeping bag.

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Carinthia compression bag

Carinthia compression bag

19.99 - 29.99 USD

A proper high quality military compression bag for sleeping bags. Available in two sizes!

A serious bivy cover for your sleeping bag. Made to comply with NATO standards, this Gore-Tex bag should meet any needs.

Being a military design item, this cover has all the necessary stuff you need and nothing more, all in a reliable, sensible package:

  • Made of tri-laminate Gore-Tex fabric: top layer 100% waterproofed polyamide, mid-layer PTFE (the membrane itself), bottom layer 100% polyamide.
  • Zipper closure with fully waterproof zipper and storm flaps on both sides.
  • Generously sized: takes in just about any sleeping bag, even the foot end has quite a lot of space. Mesurements flat about 230 x 90 cm.
  • Weight 1 kg, dimensions packed about 35 x 15 cm. This does not even try to be one of those ultralight solutions, but rather a sturdy, reliable cover for demanding use.

Protects your sleeping bag not only from moisture, but other abuse as well. In addition, a bivy cover makes your sleeping bag a tad warmer.

Complies with NATO standards, NSN 8340-41-000-2532.


  • If you really have to machine wash this, do it in 60 degrees Celsius. However, if at all possible, avoid machine washing - do it by hand if necessary. Fortunately these things don't even get seriously soiled easily.
  • Avoid storing this wet. If possible, dry it before stuffing it to the provided packsack.
  • If the cover needs to be repaired, we suggest using a proper patching kit. If one is not available, some duct tape should do in a pinch. We have both.

Made by Carinthia

Carinthia is a well known sleeping bag and existence gear manufacturer. Outside of their homeland Austria they have equipped many European countries, including scandinavia and our very own Finnish Defence Forces too! All of Carinthias products are made either in Austria or elsewhere in the EU, so quality, manufacturing ethics etc. are guaranteed!

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