Carinthia compression bag

19.99 - 29.99 EUR
Carinthia compression bag
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Carinthia Defence 6 sleeping bag

Carinthia Defence 6 sleeping bag

229.99 EUR

A real heavy duty arctic winter sleeping bag, the Defence 6 is designed for extremely cold conditions and is a sure bet for any northern climates!

Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag

Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag

189.99 EUR

The Defence 4 may be Carinthias best all-around sleeping bag. Designed for cold and nasty weather, it's no surprise that (among others) also the Finnish army adopted this very model! This here is a reliable choice, designed for very demanding use!

Carinthia Defence 1 sleeping bag

Carinthia Defence 1 sleeping bag

129.99 EUR

The most lightweight bag in the Defence family, the Defence 1 is intended for summer and early autumn/spring, when the temperature stays at or above 0° C. Very lightweight and packs into a super tight bundle!

A proper military compression bag for sleeping bags. Available in two sizes!

The larger bag, 28 x 54 cm, is excellent for even the largest winter sleeping bag systems, the smaller 20 x 40 cm one is just perfect for all other "normal" sleeping bags.

Made by Carinthia

Carinthia is a well known sleeping bag and existence gear manufacturer. Outside of their homeland Austria they have equipped many European countries, including scandinavia and our very own Finnish Defence Forces too! All of Carinthias products are made either in Austria or elsewhere in the EU, so quality, manufacturing ethics etc. are guaranteed!

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