CamelBak Urban Assault Pack, black, with water bottle, surplus

CamelBak Urban Assault Pack, black, with water bottle, surplus

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Unused CamelBak assault packs, fresh surplus from the factory! Bottle included! No wonder these were discarded, no-one wants some old shit from the early 2010's anyway...or what?

  • 32-litre (1925 cu in) assault pack
  • A load of compartments and even fits a laptop
  • Will go as hand luggage
  • CamelBak 0,75 l (25 oz) bottle included!

CamelBak is known for its hydration bladders, but of course there have to be means to carry them too. This pack is a proper urban daypack: low profile, shitload of compartments and stays on you.

But what does it contain!


From the top to bottom:

  • A small quick access pocket on the top
  • A padded large space for a laptop (all will fit) with a waterproof zipper
  • Main compartment with two pockets
  • A secondary compartment for smaller stuff
  • A beavertail for random items
  • Side pockets

If you use a hydration bladder (not included), it will fit any larger compartment or the beavertail. The pack is not designed with a bladder in mind: you'll find no hanging loops, drain grommets or tube passages.


The shoulder straps have a pretty nifty "D Fit" feature, which means they will contour to the wearer's shoulders. Otherwise the shoulder straps have the basic stuff like a sternum strap and quick adjustment buckles.

The waist strap is a low-profile model and is easily removed if necessary.

On the top you'll find a carrying handle and on the side two compression straps, which can be stowed away in their own specific little stashes.

Ventilated and padded mesh against the back to minimize sweating.

Materials and specs

  • Made of black nylon, reinforced bottom
  • Dimensions 49,8 x 39,8 x 33 cm (19,6 x 15,7 x 13 in)
  • Weight 1,4 kg (3,1 lbs)
  • Volume 32 litres (1925 cu in)

Bottle included

The pack is complete with a CamelBak 0,75 litre (25 oz) HOD Eddy water bottle. Just by coincidence, it fits perfectly into the side pockets of the pack.

Unused factory surplus

Yep, these all came to us in factory plastics. Apparently CamelBak decided this is way too old for anyone to use so they sold the rest of the stock for cheap. Their loss?


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I would recommend for a friend

Great rucksack! Comfortable and well made.There are lots of pockets and compartments for organising your gear. I liked this bag so much I bought two.
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Ray M. 07.08.2019
This Camelback is given to the recruits when they're enlisting. Not for military use or surplus but still great.
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