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BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

Price 2.99 USD excluding VAT

The West German canvas service belt. This 50 mm / 2" wide belt can be used equally well as a trouser belt as it can as part of the combat webbing. Very solid!

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The West German canvas service belt. This 50 mm / 2" wide belt can be used equally well as a trouser belt as it can as part of the combat webbing. Very solid!


Sizes given in maximum length. The belt can be freely adjusted downwards to any length, but do note that the excess length has to be pushed through the belt loops behind the belt. That's why they make different sizes.

Used German army surplus

In used but perfectly serviceable condition. Quite often the paint on the brass buckle is worn off partially or entirely.


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I would recommend for a friend

26.06.2016 (Edited 27.06.2016)
It's right on 5 cm wide, so you'll need trousers with plenty of belt room. The one I got was very stiff and very grimy, I had to soak it in hot soapy water and scrub and rinse several times to get it reasonably clean. It's still quite stiff but much more pleasant to handle now. I had to scrub a lot of grime off the metal parts too. But it is a good belt, and the buckle looks great. Also it's a lot more adjustable than it looks. So, put some work into it and you'll have a pretty good and near indestructible belt for a small sum of money.
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I would recommend for a friend

12.07.2016 (Edited 15.07.2016)
A good combat belt for carrying a load, especially for the price and thus useful for carrying stuff around the woods. Only one problem in that the parts that clip together are very very easy to lose and then the belt becomes useless...
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I would recommend for a friend

06.01.2017 (Edited 06.01.2017)
These need a little bit of work, but the buckle is solid brass (quite thick and solid), if the buckle is loose the top and bottom sides can be bent inward to improve the connection. My buckle had some icky brown paint on it but I cleaned it off and the buckle looks great. The canvas belt is slightly stiff and dirty, but it is easy to wash and make a bit more flexible. Technically you can replace the belt if you wish, I did with leather and it looks great, but there is nothing wrong with the canvas belt. I would recommend buying one size bigger than you normally would (mine was 3cm short) but for the price these are amazing!
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I would recommend for a friend

Sehr Gut!
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I would recommend for a friend

17.03.2017 (Edited 17.03.2017)
Jos löytyy pöksyt joissa 5cm vyölenkit, tässä ydinsodan kestävä housuvyövaihtoehto, kenttäkelpoisuudesta puhumattakaan. Ota oma koko, säädä kiinnityskappaleet; vyö palvelee todennäköisesti pitempään kuin sinä/sinun housusi.
Mahtuu pienellä kikkailulla SA M05 maastohousuihin, ei kuitenkaan mitään neulaa ja lankaa vaativaa. Valmistaudu myös kiinnistyskappaleissa orastavaan korroosioon; teräsharja tämän kuitenkin päihittää ongelmitta.
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I would recommend for a friend

06.05.2017 (Edited 14.05.2017)
I would recommend for a friend

15.07.2017 (Edited 15.07.2017)
Icky paint?
No.. this buckle is meant to be, and it was painted originally in BW Feldgrau... meaning the specific paint color: BW as in Bundeswehr in their specific color: Feldgrau meaning as green as the BW field...

It is either that
- or the former soldiers of the German Bundeswehr would shine their brass buckles so they would shine and reflect as the buckle of any army should/ or should not... Because sun reflection shine in brass is a perfect way of camo?

So, yes the paint has faded in the years that have past, lost its usage of unshine the brass buckle.

What I did is cleaning the brass buckle with solvent
and resprayed the 3 parts of the belt made of brass in the BW color: Feldgrau : Rosco makes the BW Feldgrau paint.

The brass buckle is heavy duty, it will last a lifetime for you, perhaps it lasted another lifetime of a soldier before you.
The canvas belt is very heavy and very strong...
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I would recommend for a friend

Best belt I've ever owned
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I would recommend for a friend

Tilasin kaksi, joista toisen solki oli murjottu niin mutkalle, ettei se toiminut lainkaan ja kangasosan reuna oli melkein pilalle rispaantunut (samalla tavalla kun markettien halvoista vöistä vuodessa). Toinen oli ihan ok kunnossa. Poltin irtolangat ja rispaantuneet reunat kiinni, hakkasin pajavasaralla kummatkin soljet suoriksi ja ainakin tuo parempikuntoinen vaikuttaa ydinsodan kestävältä vyöltä. 6/5, jos nuo olisi paremmassa kunnossa.
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