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BW rain poncho, rubberized, surplus

BW rain poncho, rubberized, surplus

Price 19.99 USD excluding VAT

The best surplus rain poncho you can get. Good old fashioned rubber coated stuff, this holds water almost as well as a military towel. Heavy, but that's what you get when you go all the way.

  • Sold 70 pcs in the last two weeks.
  • Waiting for restock, no estimated time for arrival. With surplus the restock date is unknown due to sometimes poor availability. Request restock notification and we will email you as soon as this product is available.
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The best surplus rain poncho you can get. Good old fashioned rubber coated stuff, this holds water almost as well as a military towel. Heavy, but that's what you get when you go all the way.

The sides can be buttoned together or attached to another poncho, so this thing doubles as a rain shelter. Also, the US Army poncho liner can be tied to this. The Bundeswehr rain cape has a reinforcement strip running through the sides, and this is where all the grommets and snaps are placed. Moreover, the grommets and snaps are strong stuff too. It's a cape that won't let you down.

Made from rubberized fabric, measurements flat 160 x 220 cm (5.25' x 7.2'), weight 0,9 kg (told you it's not light!). Does not include a pouch, but we recommend getting one separately.

Genuine German surplus

Used, still in perfectly serviceable condition. These do have a little rubbery smell to them naturally, just so you know. Some might have small German flags on the shoulders, but not all of these.


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I would recommend for a friend

01.11.2016 (Edited 18.11.2016)
Best poncho ever, now I'm almost looking forward to rainy days ;-)
(just had to try getting rid a bit of the smell)
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I would recommend for a friend

Better poncho than I could find anywhere else. A friend from Germany saw this and nearly died laughing, having used one during his National Service for NBC training. Can't wait for actual rain to come.
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I would recommend for a friend

You can not ask for a better rain poncho! Get one if you can!
Mine came with two repaired patches but they had no problem keeping the rain out.
Heavy in weight for a rain poncho but can be used also as a ground cloth and a tarp. Has two strings inside so you can tie it around your waist- keeps the front from flapping around.
Comes in surplus smell (until you take it outside and use it).
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I would recommend for a friend

Laadukas, mutta hupppu on aika helkkarin iso. Muuten aivan täydellinnen
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I would recommend for a friend

Ostin tälläisen täältä joskus vuosia sitten ja vaikka loppujen lopuksi on aika vähälle käytölle jäänyt, niin mitään en kadu. Paitsi sitä kun sain kuningasidean pestä tästä melkoisen karsean varastonhajun pois suihkussa käydessäni. Tuli nimittäin aika irstas olo hipelöidä kumirättiä alasti suihkun alla. No, keksin kyllä paljonkin asioita joita tekisin vähemmän mielelläni.

Kunto oli ihan mainio, vaikkakin näyttää aika epäsiistiltä. Kyllä nyt metsänhaltiat sulle nauraa. Hupun naru kannattaa vaihtaa johonkin joka oikeasti kulkee siinä. Omani huppua ei pystynyt yksinkertaisesti kiristämään kun se naru vanhuudenpörheyttään otti niin perkeleesti kiinni kankaaseen. Huppu itsessään on tosiaan aika iso (kypärälle mitoitettu), ja löysähkö. Käytä lippistä alla tai jotain jos et halua että tämä valuu silmillesi kokoajan. Sivujen napit ovat todella tukevaa tekoa ja niitä saa välillä oikein kaksin käsin availla peläten että kangas ympäriltä muka repeää, pyh. Eipähän aukea vauhdissa, ja kai niihin voi jotain öljyä tms. pisaran laittaa. Tilaahan tämä viitta vie joihinkin surkeisiin rääsyihin verrattuna ja painaakin paljon enemmän. Mutta onpahan myös tuhoutumaton.
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I would recommend for a friend

Mine came in very nice condition, was much lighter and cooler than expected. Kept the water out, and gave me good movement. What more could you want in a poncho? The rubber smell is a little funky at first though.
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I would recommend for a friend

I got one of these to top off my anti-wet weather inventory. I've had the pleasure of taking it out for a spin just once, into severe rainstorm at that. And i can tell you that this thing will absolutely keep the rain and the wind away from you, indeed you could likely use this poncho as a life raft on the Atlantic ocean that is how water proof it is, and i'm sure you could fall from an airplane and it would keep the wind away from you in such a free fall situation. However i must warn you, this thing is as breathable as wearing a 1-inch thick tungsten cube into an oven. And so i will recommend a compressed air canister to keep you from the inevitable asphyxia and i would also recommend the building of an intricate life support system perhaps an electro-mechanical endoskeleton with integrated cooling and hydration systems for peak poncho performance. Then again it could be that i'm simply too much of a lanklet to handle this piece of hardcore equipment right. Over all i'll give it 8/10.
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I would recommend for a friend

Mine is from 1990, which makes it 2 years older than me aha. I can only hope to age as well as this poncho has.
I received mine in amazing condition, and I happen to like the surplus rubber smell. I was hoping to get one with the German flags on the shoulders but its not a big deal.
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I would recommend for a friend

07.05.2018 (Edited 07.05.2018)
Brilliant! For $20, if you want a rain jacket, this is it! Well made, very robust for a rain cloak. Mine smelled much less than anticipated. For a rubbery mil-surplus item this is very nice in all aspects. Mine came close to new and appreciated. Buy one or two, you won't be sorry.
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