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BW parka, Tropentarn, surplus

BW parka, Tropentarn, surplus

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The standard field jacket used by the Bunderswehr in a nice desert theme. Tough as nails, functional cut and smart features make this a really good 3-season jacket.

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The standard field jacket used by the Bunderswehr in a nice desert theme. Tough as nails, functional cut and smart features make this a really good 3-season jacket.

The BW parka showcases Teutonic ability to make comfortable, stylish and generally just really good clothes. Suitable for any outdoor activity, but also right at home in casual everyday use.

The Bundeswehr model parka is a longish, durable field jacket with zipper closure and four front pockets (two zipper operated and two with snap fasteners), a sleeve pocket and drawstrings in the hem, waist and hood. Though unlined, the cotton used is pretty thick and blocks wind wonderfully. For additional warmth the Germans use a separate liner jacket, which we also most likely sell when you read this. If we don't have it, just use something else!

The material is in most cases a mix of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

Sizing info

Sizes in the regular Bunderwehr system, with sizes in the brackets (height/chest). If you are between sizes, round up.

Because BW jackets have relatively short sleeves, our designation is 5 cm shorter than the BW size. So if the BW size is 175-185 cm for example, we say it's suitable for a 170-180 cm tall person. Don't shit your pants if the tag on your jacket states it's for a 5 cm taller person than the sizes we have listed.

Used German surplus

In used but serviceable condition. Of course being used, the colours might be a bit faded and there might be some repairs, but all in all these are all way better than just usable.


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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

07.11.2017 (Edited 11.11.2017)
I am 185 cm tall and have a 100cm chest. I bought the size 13 (180-190 / 96-100 cm) the fit is great; it's trim enough to wear alone but with plenty of room for the liner or additional layers underneath. If you live somewhere particularly cold and plan on really layering up, I could see how you MIGHT want to "round up" and grab the next chest size larger. The one I received is 85% cotton and 15% polyester and is in excellent condition.
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I would recommend for a friend

11.05.2018 (Edited 11.05.2018)
This version of the BW parka is noticeably lighter in weight than the Flecktarn one, for obvious reasons (desert camo) But this is a great summer jacket.

The coat is in perfect shape, no holes or color fading. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I feel spoiled ordering from Varusteleka because they are one of the only surplus stores online that provide proper sizing. As i'm sure most people who collect MilSurp know, nothing is more annoying than the basic S/M/L sizing that most places use...

As always shipping was fast, 4 days to get from Finland to Canada,Ontario with basic shipping. 10/10 would support their global takeover again.
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I would recommend for a friend

22.09.2018 (Edited 22.09.2018)
Another quality piece. Apart from missing some cordage at the lower part, it looks practically new. Fit is great although i should have gotten a size smaller in the chest department. i am 187 cm tall and have gotten size 15 (180-190 / 106-110 cm). In hindsight i think i should have gotten size 14. It's not too bad, only slightly baggy. Varusteleka did a great job though regarding the sizing info but i did not pay enough attention. For comparison, the Swedish M90 field jacket Large (175-185 cm / 80-90 kg) i also bought is much more form fitting for me. The BW parka feels lighter in weight compared to both the M65 and the M90 field jacket. So the BW parka seems more suitable for warmer temps.
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I would recommend for a friend

I order this jacket on the Sept 18th - I have in my hands and I am wearing in the field for an afternoon of shooting on Sept 24th!!!....This will be the perfect coat and camo for late fall foliage and beyond into winter here in northern New England. This jacket is heavy duty, I would say to me it seems to be the same weight as the woodland flecktarn version, and like all German gear, built tough and to last. Based on the creases in the fold being pristine and the velcro perfectly aligned, I would say the coat I received is brand spanking new!!!

These folks are easily my newest most favorite surplus dealers and their products are the best out there.

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