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BW G3 sling, leather, surplus

BW G3 sling, leather, surplus

Price 9.99 USD excluding VAT

Would you like to sling your gun or bag on a leather strap that can handle anything? Buy this piece of Teutonic quality craftmanship.

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Would you like to sling your gun or bag on a leather strap that can handle anything? Buy this piece of Teutonic quality craftmanship.

Bundeswehr issue G3 sling. This simple 22 mm wide brown leather sling will fit almost any gun and many shoulder bags and such. If it doesn't, make simple cord loops for adapters. Fully adjustable (70-140 cm), with a steel spring hook. Similar looking hooks are made from shoddy materials and they break: this is the real German deal, designed to be used with a heavy battle rifle and won't fail you!

Will fit:

  • Sling swivels or slots 25 mm (1") wide, both ends
  • Sling swivel or slot 25 mm (1") wide in the back, small loop in the front (G3 pattern)

Used German surplus

Genuine item made in Germany. In used but serviceable condition.


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I would not recommend to a friend

Postissa tuli homeinen ja savinen remmi. Oli sen verran tymäkkä homeen haju, ettei se lähtenyt pesemällä eikä edes saunan lämmössä. Löylyn jälkeen en enää keksinyt muuta. Kossussa uittaminen kävi mielessä, mutta enpä viitsinyt kallista ainetta tuhlata. Loppujen lopuksi koko hoito oli heitettävä ulos, alkoi sen verran kirveltää nenässä ja jyskyttää päässä ja koko huusholli haisi maakellarille. Enkä todellakaan ole mikään 'erityisherkkä' allergikko. Hihna oli ilmeisesti kaivettu jostakin joukkohaudasta. Muuten olisi kyllä sopinut loistavasti käyttötarkoitukseeni.
5 9 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Reilusti yli kymmenen hihnaa ostaneena voin todeta erittäin hyväksi materiaaliksi askarteluhommiin ja hintakin on kohtuullinen. Noista yksi taisi olla kuluneemmassa kunnossa muut saisi kyllä kuntoluokituksen hyvä
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I would recommend for a friend

26.10.2017 (Edited 10.02.2018)
I bought two G3 slings. They look and smell like they were stored for 30 years in a warehouse without being cleaned first. It took me 45 minutes to clean one sling with a brush and leather cleaner. There were endless amounts of dirt that never seemed to go away. The leather was very dry. After applying some leather conditioner a few times, the slings look quite nice. The leather is thick and the slings are very well made. Both slings have been used a lot and there is some slight damage to the surface - a few scratches and small cuts on each of them. The holes for the button are also a bit worn, and I don't trust the locking mechanism completely. But still the slings seem very stable. The buckles have dug into the leather and damaged/weakened it a bit below the metal on one of the slings. I wouldn't use them for a 3000 Euro hunting rifle, but for an air rifle, air soft or cheaper hunting rifle they are a cool choice. Sometimes it's nice to have something with a history to it, that doesn't look brand new. I removed the steel hook and use one sling on my Sako Quad Hunter Pro , and the other on an air rifle with a nice result. But be prepared to work hard to clean the sling, and if you don't have leather cleaning and conditioning products, they will cost you twice the price of the sling. And still, a good result is not guaranteed. Smell-free, not yet...
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I would recommend for a friend

The Price is good and the quality is not bad but u need to applying some leather oil on the sling i would recommend my friends
The shipping is super fast only took a week from Finland to Hong Kong
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I would recommend for a friend

Needed some treatment but after some TLC it's been great
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I would recommend for a friend

17.10.2020 (Edited 17.10.2020)
Muuten hyvältä vaikuttava remmi, mutta homeessa oli minunkin kappale. Hätähän ei kuitenkaan ollut sen kummempi kuin yhteyttä lekan siakaspalveluun. Sinne tilanneilmoitus ja uusi remmi lähtee tuleen heti kun niitä on saatavilla. Ja sehän passaa varsinkin, kun ei ole mikään välitön paniikki hihnan saannissa. Jospa sitten sattuisi samanlaatuista kamaa kuin suosittelun kommentoineella söörillä. Lekan siakaspalvelu toimi kuin hyvin toimiva asiakaspalvelu.
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