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BW folding sleeping mat, surplus

BW folding sleeping mat, surplus

Price 17.99 USD excluding VAT

A great example of German design. This foldable mat also acts as a frame in the Jägerrucksack and the larger infantry ruck.

  • Sold 3 pcs in the last two weeks.
  • Waiting for restock, no estimated time for arrival. With surplus the restock date is unknown due to sometimes poor availability. Request restock notification and we will email you as soon as this product is available.
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A great example of German design. This foldable mat also acts as a frame in the Jägerrucksack and the larger infantry ruck.

Only a German mind could come up with something like this. A foldable sleeping mat that makes sleeping on the cold ground more comfortable, and when it's time to move out, folds into a nice package and slips in the ruck.


  • Opened: 55 x 190 cm / 21.5" x 75"
  • Folded: 27.5 x 38 x 3.5 cm / 10.8" x 15" x 1.4"

Genuine German surplus

Used but in serviceable condition. These might have some markings from the previous users and little wear and holes here and there.

Staff reviews of BW folding sleeping mat

This has been an excellent compromise for when I haven't been so keen to take a rollable sleeping mat along, but some kind of padding would have been nice. Yeah, this is probably not the thickest of them all, but it fits into such a small space that I can forgive it. Absolutely the best choice for the summer months. During the winter months, I would recommend a thicker option, or you could just shove some extra insulation underneath.

This makes the rucksack a lot tidier and compact. Maybe this isn't so important for those of you using more modern technology, but for those of us hauling around equipment from the beginning of time (depending on the individual's taste of course), this is a great way to get around the carrying capacity limitations and still have something soft under you when you need a nap. If you own any frameless or padless ruck, I highly recommend that you get familiar with this sleeping mat!

Henri L.
Henri L.


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I would recommend for a friend

31.07.2016 (Edited 04.08.2016)
Alustan ohuus voi aiheuttaa kauhua kanssaihmisissä, mutta kyllä tällä ainakin kesällä pärjää. Hyvä lisä saksalaiseen jääkärireppuun.

Vaatii tietynlaista luonnetta.
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I would recommend for a friend

28.11.2016 (Edited 29.11.2016)
Käytän usein matkustaessa ja päiväretkillä BW-jääkärireppua tällä alustalla varustettuna. Taiteltuna se toimii hyvin yhden hengen istuma-alustana, ja olen istuskellut tämän päällä mm. metsässä, asemalla ja bussin lattialla. Avattuna istuskelutilaa riittää tietty useammallekin. Alusta tekee BW-jääkärirepusta sekä -rinkasta niin paljon mukavamman pakata ja käyttää, että en ainakaan itse voisi kuvitella käyttäväni niitä ilman alustaa. Vaikka monesti tämmöiset taiteltavat asiat eivät ensimmäisen avaamisen jälkeen mene enää koskaan takaisin alkuperäiseen muotoonsa, tämä alusta menee aina siististi kasaan. Makuualustaksi tuote on hyvin ohut, ja etenkin lattialla nukkuessa kaipaisi selvästi lisää paksuutta.
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I would recommend for a friend

11.12.2016 (Edited 20.12.2016)
These are impossible to find in the States, but not in Finland. The pads are great, in good shape and very well packaged.

Very well, the extra volume around my foam sleeping mats was filled with bubble wrap. They pretty much bubble wraped ensolite foam!

Succesfully. The pads arrived uncracked, unshattered, not the least bit broken. Image what they'd do for glass!

Shipping time to the Seattle area just before Christmas was about 4 weeks.
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I would recommend for a friend

13.12.2016 (Edited 20.12.2016)
I ordered two. One is in very good condition with only minor wear. The other is fairly scuffed up and has multiple tears/punctures. Nothing that a little duct tape can't fix though, right? Surprisingly fast ship time to San Francisco: 15 days!
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I would recommend for a friend

21.12.2016 (Edited 22.12.2016)
- sain priimakuntoisen, menee hyvin alkuperäiseen muotoonsa
- hieman paksumpi saisi olla tietty eräilyssä, mutta ajaa hyvin asiansa istuin-alusena, repun pehmikkeenä yms.
- suosittelen
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I would recommend for a friend

Very good condition.
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I would recommend for a friend

22.02.2017 (Edited 23.02.2017)
A necessity for the BW rucksacks. Reasonably comfortable to sleep on. I also tried putting it in the internal pocket of a German WWII M31/M44 rucksack, and to my surprise it fit perfectly. Coincidence or backward compatibility?
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I would recommend for a friend

Just got one of these pads delivered to Philadelphia in less than two weeks! They must have some kind of Finnish rocket fueled delivery pigeon or Some kind of warp drive because that's stupid fast for 10 freaking U.S. dollars.
To my surprise, my pad came in pretty much "brand spanking new" condition.
I can definitely see using this pad to stiffen up my BW mountain ruck. It'll also keep my butt dry and comfy as a seat pad. And this pad will be super-duper-ultralight cool as a shooting mat while I play Tom Berenger in Sniper at my range to keep my tacti-cool camo under armor panties and go fast team issue tank top nice, clean and looking fresh. It's scientifically proven that looking crazy cool makes your bullets shoot faster and straighter! It's just science!!!
Buuuuuutttt....I'm not so sold on the idea of it being a sleeping mat, at least for me. It's too thin for my liking but, I'm also not a Navy Seal, Delta, Ranger, death dealing uber commando that chews nails and spits rust or Chuck Norris.
Basically, I'd get another one for sure if this one gets torn to pieces by a BearShark or YetiSquid. Which we happen to have a infestation of in the states...especially in New Jersey...
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I would recommend for a friend

06.03.2017 (Edited 12.06.2017)
A very good item, for all purpose ... working on the floor , sleeping under tent , for the back of my old gebirgsjager rucksack ... i'm addict !!! but ... this carpet don't fly :-(
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FABIO R. 31.07.2020

The German Army Mats received was in awful condition (patched holes, deep scratches, dirty).
With shipping, ended up paying almost $20 bucks per Mat, at the condition received should have been half the price.
Should be offered a 50% partial refund, due to the awful condition of the mats.
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