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British PCS Windproof Smock, MTP, surplus

British PCS Windproof Smock, MTP, surplus

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The Windproof Smock is perhaps the best bad weather jacket ever made. These are the fresh PCS type, and well used.

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The Windproof Smock is perhaps the best bad weather jacket ever made. These are the fresh PCS type, and well used.

The latest issue Windproof Smock, the PCS model has lots of fine new features like hand-warming pockets, armpit ventilation and hidden buttons to prevent snagging. The level of manufacture and zipper quality is not quite what it used to be in the CS95 era, so if you are more down-to-earth when it comes to features, the predecessing model is a better choice.

For those not familiar with the concept of the British Windproof Smock, it's basically a roomy, windproof (!) and water repellent top layer which is meant to take the main punishment in whatever you are doing. After its original introduction in WW2 the WP smock has gone through lots of changes, with the main idea still the same.


Now the new PCS smock has raised the bar another notch with many improvements over the earlier CS95 model:

  • Zipper closure with velcro strips to cover it
  • A roomy hood with drawcord & wire adjustment
  • Ventilation zippers in the armpits
  • Four large front bellows pockets with the typical folding mouths to keep your stuff in
  • The large Canadian type buttons are hidden under the flaps
  • Behind the hem pockets you'll find fleece-lined handwarmer pockets
  • A zippered mesh-lined pocket on both sides of the chest
  • Sleeve pockets with velcro velcro bases for patches & insignia
  • Drawcord tightening in the waist and hem, velcro adjustment on the sleeve cuffs

material and care

Made of 50/50% polycotton. Wash in 60 degrees Celsius (140 F). The fabric is naturally windproof and has some water repellent treatment, but this certainly is not a rain coat. The labels say you can rejuvenate the treatment simply by ironing the parka.

Size info

Sizes according to user's height & chest circumference in centimetres or inches. The cut is roomy, because you must be able to fit a lot of stuff underneath. If your parka seems a bit too large, just use the waist adjustments and it'll look just fine.

The model in the picture is 175 cm (5' 9") tall with about 95 cm (37.5") chest circumference, and is wearing size 170/96 cm (5' 7" / 38") parka with a softie jacket underneath.


In used but serviceable condition, with the usual signs of wear like faded fabric, maybe a stain somewhere, a missing cord here or there, removed hood wire etc. In other words do not expect a pristine smock, because you'll likely get a properly worn one.


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I would recommend for a friend

31.01.2017 (Edited 31.01.2017)
Very happy sizing is accurate, jacket is in great condition just missing the hood cord recommended to any who are looking
4 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

03.04.2017 (Edited 03.04.2017)
Tautisen hyvä päällitakki. Erinomaiset taskut ja niitä on tarpeeksi, erityisesti rintataskut ovat käytännölliset. Huppu suojaa niskaa ja ylösnostettuna suojaa sateelta - hupun rautalanka pitää hupun silmiltä pois. Ei voi kun suositella, ostakaa heti kaksi. Kuvio on myös poliittisesti korrekti, ei aiheuta kauheita tärinöitä kukkahattutädeissä.
10 0 Report abuse
I would not recommend to a friend

19.07.2017 (Edited 16.08.2017)
Great model. Very faded colours and some lose threads. Too worn for me, but perfect if you want to look like a homeless Rambo type.
8 9 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Hyvä ostos! Tarkenee fillarilla kelkkoa itsensä töihin. Taskuja on heti niin että pärjää. Tulee puoli omaisuutta aina völjyssä. Pientä käytön jälkeä, mutta se ei menoa haittaa. Paras maastotakki mitä olen tähän mennessä käyttänyt. Suosittelen!
4 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Todella hyvä takki. Sain melko vähän käytetyn, jossa ei juurikaan kulumisen merkkejä paitsi hieman haalistunut kuvio. Ollut nyt käytössä vuoden ja ainoastaan taskujen verkot alkavat kulumaan koska tarttuvat kiinni velcroon. Tuuletusaukot on käteviä ja käytössä useasti, oma käyttö pyöräilyä ja koiran kusetusta sun muuta puuhastelua pihamaalla. Koot on todella reiluja, ja tietty ihan tarkoituksellisesti. Kuitenkin ehkä nyt vuoden käytön jälkeen valitsisin kokoa pienemmän leveydessä, hihojen pituus on ok 183 senttiselle. Normaalisti takeissa L/XL ja tästä kokona 180/104 jonka alle menisi vielä untuvatakki. Nimensä mukaisesti tuuli pysyy vaatekerraston ulkopuolella, myös pieni sade. Takki ei kuitenkaan juuri lämmitä tai hiosta.
6 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Looks brand new! Just LOVE IT! Just right for my wild camping adventures. Arrived quickly to. Love your web sight, got a wish list which is growing daily!
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I really like the heavy-duty fabric, huge pockets and features of this jacket. However I am deeply concerned that the model has no head. Does this happen randomly to people who wear this coat?
25 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Arived washed. Truth been told, all I bought was washed. No surplus smell at all. More the smell of clean clothes. Good condition of the smock. Will be perfect on my hunting trips.
2 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

It's pretty nice and very roomy. Rather worn as well but serviceable and not bad-looking at all as said. Mine came without the hood extension (simple cut off), with a Sergeant insignia and a complimentary expired condom in one pocket.
7 0 Report abuse


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