British Osprey gas mask pouch, MTP, surplus

29.99 EUR
British Osprey gas mask pouch, MTP, surplus
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British Osprey body armour, MTP, with soft protective material, surplus

British Osprey body armour, MTP, with soft protective material, surplus

239.99 EUR

Current issue British Osprey body armour cover with MTP camo pattern and protective inserts included. Used, so these are cheaper and actually look better thanks to slight roughness.

A heavy duty, padded gas mask case, also suitable as a field pack (as it reads under the flap) or as a shoulder bag. Used British army MTP surplus.

Comprises of one large compartment, padded from all sides, with a large flap covering the whole space. When the bag is closed, the clever flap design ensures nothing will fall out or gets wet. There's also an interesting zippered contraption to expand the space a bit, but this seems rather unnecssary. Inside dimensions about 20 x 28 x 12 cm, with some room for height adjustment both ways.

Extra pouches can be attached to the PALS panels on the sides. On many of these, specific extra pouches are included, but we cannot promise you'll get them - we sell this only as the case and nothing but the case.

On the back you'll find MOLLE attachment and plastic D-rings. If you plan on using this as a buttpack, run the suspenders through the D-rings. As a shoulder bag, just slap on a strap of your choice.

In used, but nice serviceable condition.

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Loistavaa lisätilaa sain kun läimäisin taisteluliivin selkään kiinnitettyyn sourcen rakkotaskuun tämän kiinni. Koko täydellisen passeli niin että jäi sourcen läppä käytettäviin mutta muutoin täyttää mitoilleen loppuosan. Tähän "pussukkaan" mahtuu todella reippaasti tavaraa, varsinkin kun ottaa laajennuksen auki. Väritkin (MTP) mätsää hienosti keskenään. Lisämainintana että nämä brittien osprey tuotteet ovat itselle muutenki olleet hinta/laatusuhteeltaan tst-varusteiden aatelia !
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