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British modular compression bag, surplus

British modular compression bag, surplus

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The British take on a modern compression bag is this pretty much wateproof and very strong design. Works for storing other stuff as well! Part of the British army modular sleeping bag system. Available in two sizes.

Made of strong nylon and PU coated on the inside, the British army packsack is a very solid piece of kit. Complete with compression straps to every direction and a lid protecting the top opening, this bag will keep your stuff safe from the elements.

The large sack will take in the Light weight bag, Medium weight bag and the cotton liner. The smaller sack only takes in the Light weight bag.

Medium weight bag

Measures "full" about 25 x 65 cm, weight 300 grams.

Light weight bag

Measures "full" about 18 x 36 cm, weight 100 grams.

Genuine Brit kit

Used, but in good serviceale shape. Apparently these are made by FECSA, a Spanish company that also made sleeping bags for the Dutch army at least.


British modular "Tropen" sleeping bag, surplus

British modular "Tropen" sleeping bag, surplus

36.99 USD
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Danish gasmask bag, gray, surplus

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British modular "Defence 4" sleeping bag, surplus

British modular "Defence 4" sleeping bag, surplus

55.99 USD
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64.99 USD
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Dutch MOLLE pouch, canteen, surplus

Dutch MOLLE pouch, canteen, surplus

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Dutch "Woobie" Poncho liner, surplus

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4 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

Small: Will fit a US Modular Sleep system green patrol bag w/ bivvy, excellent for summer use.
Large: Will fit a full winter US MSS w /bivvy.

Much better than the US issued stuff sack monstrosity. Very simple and well made kit.
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I would recommend for a friend

05.06.2019 (Edited 18.09.2019)
Hyvää kampetta, kaikki on ehyttä ja niin nättiä kuin tämmönen voi olla. Pienempi mitä kuvittelin.
Edit: Tilasin tämän aikana kun näitä ei oltu lajiteltu kahteen eri kokoon, tuoteselostuksessa oli vain tuon ison pussin mitat ja sain pienen pussin.
Tunsin itseni huijatuksi, mutta pussi oli nii hiton hyvän olonen etten etes vaivautunu palauttamaan. Omat riippumattokamat menee sopivasti pikkupussiin tarpin kanssa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Omani saapui aivan priimakunnossa. Voisi kuvitella ettei tuota ole käytetty herravarjele ainakaan missään pyssytouhuissa! Sen verran on siistissä kunnossa, että ollut varmaan yhden kerran mummolla peflettinä kesäiltana auringonlaskussa tai korkeintaan saunakaljat (1kpl) kuljetettu pussinpohjalla höyhenpeitteessä.
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I would recommend for a friend

18.07.2019 (Edited 18.07.2019)
The compression sack arrived in good condition. It is surplus and has the name and service number of the former owner on the outside. While a bit dusty, the buckles and straps are in good condition and I am pleased as I can be with my purchase for such a great price. Could be used for anything from storing my light sleeping bag to an overnight bag for a quick trip.
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Björn A. 26.01.2020
I will replace the defence 4 with a 67 g Thermal cloak, will the large bag still be sufficient?
Or do I need to use two small ones..?
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