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Berghaus Atlas IV Rucksack

Berghaus Atlas IV Rucksack

Price 251.99 USD excluding VAT

One of Berghaus' latest military rucksacks, the Atlas combines the old military-know-how and a handful of modern comforts into a single, superb package.

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One of Berghaus' latest military rucksacks, the Atlas combines the old military-know-how and a handful of modern comforts into a single, superb package.

Berghaus started their conquest of the military world during the Falklands War, when British troops needed kit that was up to the challenge they were sent to win. Since then Berghaus has been kitting out the British military and many other European armies with their excellent quality rucksacks.

Along with the obvious choice as a hiking rucksack, this works wonders for the traveller too: sizewise it can be adjusted to ease navigating in dense traffic (trains! God-damn trains!) by removing the side pouches, and the not-so-overtly-military appearance could really be an important factor in some places. The most important thing is that the ruck will not disintegrate on you.


  • External measurements approx. 75 x 35 x 27 cm, excluding the side pouches.
  • Roughly 100 liter capacity, but you can fit much more.
  • Weight 2,90 kg.
  • Upper main compartment, covered by a large flap which can be adjusted to accomodate even another rucksack under it.
  • A internal divider, which can be opened or closed with a drawcord.
  • Lower main compartment, accessed by a zipper and secured by two compressionable straps.
  • Removable side pouches, capacity 10 liters.The long zipper makes accessing the stuff inside easy.
  • The side pouches can be combined and carried as a daysack. These also fit other Berghaus products.
  • The side pouches are secured by two horizontal straps each, which can be used to compress the main compartment.
  • A small zippered pouch inside and a larger one outside the main flap.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps.
  • A stiffened, well padded waist belt with a sturdy Berghaus buckle.


These come in four different sizes according to user height. A shorter size is often perfectly useable for a taller person, it simply sits a few centimeters higher up, something of a personal preference.

  • Size 2: 160-173 cm
  • Size 3: 170-183 cm
  • Size 4: 183-198 cm

All materials used are high quality polyester and nylon webbing, YKK zippers and Berghaus buckles.

Made by Berghaus

These are not military surplus pieces, but new stuff straight from Berghaus. Like most others, these are made in China too, but to robust specs - Berghaus doesn't fool around.


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I would recommend for a friend

This is the best 100-Liter-backpack out there, especially for that price. Maybe I am biased since I got this backpack when I was in the German Army, but I still love this thing and can only recommend it. Very comfortable even with the heaviest loads and durable enough for everything you'd might encounter. The fact that these are standard-issue backpacks for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols with the Bundeswehr should say a lot. I didn't buy mine at Varusteleka, but if mine ever dies, I know where to get it from. For some people the missing PALS/MOLLE-attachment points might be an issue, but if you carry a backpack of this size, I doubt you need much more equipment attached to the pack. There are some (few) options to attach straps to it though.
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I would recommend for a friend

08.09.2019 (Edited 09.09.2019)
I ordered the surplus version of this pack to try out if this pack was right for me. Instead Varusteleka gave me a brand new one! Pure awesomeness. Anyway, i have used this pack to hike the Padjelanta National Park in Sweden this summer. It was fully loaded and filled to the brim. 25 kilos of gear and food. And it performed very well. A nicely shaped internal frame that hugs your back and is very stable and comfortable. It has all the right features for me. And what i particularly liked is the pocket in the top lid. It is very roomy so rain gear, lunch, and even a water bottle all fits in there comfortably. The weight is also very reasonable. Less than 3 KG for a 100 liter bag is pretty good i think. I'm glad i got this bag and i would definitely pay the full price.
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I would recommend for a friend

14.04.2020 (Edited 11.05.2020)
Ostin vuosia sitten ylijäämänä KSK:n varastoista, mutta malli näyttää pysyneen samana. Äärimmäisen laadukkaasti kasattu rinkka, ei tartte pelkää lahoamista kesken siirtymisen. Remmisäädöillä rinkan saa kiristettyä todella tiiviisti kehoa vasten eikä mitään ylimääräistä heilumista esiinny. Erittäin mukava kantaa pitkiäkin matkoja, ikään kuin selän jatke. Ratkaisuiltaan aika perinteinen, yksiä se viehättää ja toisia kauhistuttaa. Kuulun enemmän ensimmäiseen ryhmään, ylimääräinen mollepinta kun houkuttelee vain taskuhamstraamiseen (vaikka niihin onkin kätevä kiinnitellä mm. taukotakkeja) ja nostaa hintaa. Hintalaatusuhteeltaan painii aivan omassa luokassaan. Berghausin auki räjähtävä solki hakkaa tarkempaa motoriikkaa vaativat SR-soljet ja Cobrat mennen tullen. Kaipaisin kuitenkin erillistä juomarakkotaskua tai edes letkun läpivientiä, mutta kai tämä on perinteikkyyden hinta. Jos tämä joskus jostain syystä lahoaisi, niin kai vaihtaisin Berghausin Crusaderiin, mutta toistaiseksi mennään tyytyväisenä tällä.
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I would recommend for a friend

Monet vaellukset ja mettäreissut käyty läpi tällä rinkalla eikä mitään pahaa sanottavaa. Hankin vielä ylijäämän ja kunto kuin uudella. Ystävät jotka kokeilivat joskus rinkkaa selkään ostivat 2 vulkania 2 cruisanderia eikä kenelläkään ole ollut pahaa sanomista berghaussin rinkoista. Ainut miinus että mmps (jotka ostin pikku reppuun) kiinnitettynä ovat alaspäin.
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I would recommend for a friend

Erinomainen laatu ja muunneltavuus. Yksinkertainen ja selkeä.
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