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Belgian Gore-Tex Bivy Bag with Pole, Jigsaw-camo, Surplus

Belgian Gore-Tex Bivy Bag with Pole, Jigsaw-camo, Surplus

Price 135.99 USD excluding VAT

We got another limited supply of certain legendary bivy bags, this time Belgian ones. This is an excellent one-person shelter when your troops need to be spread far apart and stay concealed from the enemy.

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We got another limited supply of certain legendary bivy bags, this time Belgian ones. This is an excellent one-person shelter when your troops need to be spread far apart and stay concealed from the enemy.

Apart from soldiers, this is perfect for preppers and campers that prefer social distancing in true Finnish spirit. The Gore-Tex membrane makes it suitable for mud and misery, too. We have very few of these, so get yours first before our survivalists hoard them all.

This is essentially the same thing as the Carinthia Explorer XP II Plus. The ones we checked were manufactured by Carinthia, too.

Product information

  • One-person guerrilla shelter for stealthy hikers
  • Belgian military surplus
  • Contents: bivy bag and a tent pole. Stakes and carrying bag sold separately
  • Equipped with a mosquito net
  • Gore-Tex Gas Permeable membrane
  • Length: 250 cm (98”)
  • Width at shoulders 104 cm (41")
  • Width at feet 76 cm (30")
  • Weight: with pole 1.25 kg (2.8 lbs.)
  • Color: Jigsaw Camo

Not a tent or a sleeping bag, but a little bit of both

The Belgian army bivy bag is a bastard child of a tent and a sleeping bag that got a bit drunk and amorous. It combines elements of both items in an interesting way. Whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on the user.

It comes with a tent pole to hoop the head area off the ground. The bag has six loops for tent stakes (not included). If this is something you want, buy lightweight pegs separately or whittle them from sticks.

The bag is equipped with a mosquito net that you can zip on the head opening. It keeps you from going insane in a mosquito hell without having to mummify completely in the bag.

There are five large loops underneath the bag that you can use to secure a sleeping pad in place. This increases the lifespan of the product. If you want some extra insulation and comfort, you can slide another sleeping pad inside the bag through the side zipper. The zipper has a storm flap for additional protection.

Not for fancy pants

This isn’t a dream come true for those that like the easy life, but it isn’t meant to be. When it rains tigers and hogs, you either need to lie prone in your bag or get wet. However, this is a very cool option for campers that like to stay covert and be protected from the weather and bugs. You can, of course, set up a tarp alongside this to make things more comfortable but it kind of defeats the original purpose. It ain't proper camping without some blood, sweat, and tears.

Genuine Belgian Army Surplus

These are genuine army surplus but in very good condition. The poles are virtually new. The price has doubled since the early 2000s, but that doesn't mean this is a bad deal. Manufactured by Carinthia.

NSN 8465-13-117-6151


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Sain juuri tuotteen, eikä kunnosta ole pintapuolisesti mitään valittamista, on kuin suoraan pakasta vedetty yksilö. Materiaali ja yksityiskohdat vaikuttavat erittäin laadukkailta, pussi on myös lyhyellä testauksella paljon hengittävämpi, mitä etukäteen oletin. Ei siis kuitenkaan kenttätestattu vielä.

Ainut asia joka itseä jäi arveluttamaan, on hinta, kun puhutaan kuitenkin käytetystä ylijäämästä. Omalla kohdallani tuotteen kohtalon ratkaisi saamani yksilön loistava kunto. Yhtään huonokuntoisempi olisi varmaan lähtenyt takaisin.
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I would recommend for a friend



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Randy Y. 07.10.2020
Just wanted to mention this bivy bag has 8 loops to stake it down with, not 6.....
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