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Austrian waterproof trousers, olive drab, surplus

Austrian waterproof trousers, olive drab, surplus

Price 27.99 USD excluding VAT

Austrian Bundesheer Gore-Tex trousers. These simple overtrousers are meant to be worn in conjunction with standard field trousers, but work on their own well enough.

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Austrian Bundesheer Gore-Tex trousers. These simple overtrousers are meant to be worn in conjunction with standard field trousers, but work on their own well enough.

  • Unlined shell trousers to guard against the elements
  • Polyamide construction, with Gore-Tex or Sympatex membrane
  • Generous cut: with only light clothing underneath, you can pick one size smaller than recommended

Simple and effective cut: zippered legs with velcro cuffs, elastic braces and adjustment at the waist. These sometimes have a light liner fabric inside, sometimes not. The colour varies from grayish olive drab to more brownish and greenish shades.

material and care

Top material usually 100 % polyamide, the waterproof layer always Gore-Tex or Sympatex.

We really suggest avoiding washing GTX garments, but if you really really have to, try machine-washing in 40 degrees Celsius with gentle cycle.


First is the easy size. In the brackets you'll find the user's recommended waist circumference / trouser inseam length in centimetres. Sizing runs very large as there are meant to be worn over normal clothing. If you intend to wear nothing but long johns under these, a size smaller might do.

The Austrian size system is explained in detail on our Austrian trouser sizes page. If you are already familiar with Austrian sizing and want to know how we came up with the easy sizes, below is our logic as a chart. All possible sizes in the chart are not manufactured of course.

Width / HeightShortRegularLongX-Long
X-Small80-84 I-II80-84 III-IV80-84 V-VI80-84 VII-VIII
Small88-92 I-II88-92 III-IV88-92 V-VI88-92 VII-VIII
Medium96-100 I-II96-100 III-IV96-100 V-VI96-100 VII-VIII
Large104-108 I-II104-108 III-IV104-108 V-VI104-108 VII-VIII
X-Large112-116 I-II112-116 III-IV112-116 V-VI112-116 VII-VIII
2X-Large120-124 I-II120-124 III-IV120-124 V-VI120-124 VII-VIII
3X-Large128-132 I-II128-132 III-IV128-132 V-VI128-132 VII-VIII

Used army surplus

Used, and in serviceable condition. However we just cannot test every pair for complete waterproofness, but by judging from the general apperarance these should work well.


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4.57 / 5
7 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

13.10.2017 (Edited 15.11.2018)
Aikasta hyvät byysat etten sanoisi, paksuuden osalta sellaiset että pitkien kalsareiden ja reisitaskuhousujen päällä näillä pärjää hyvin kovemmassakin pakkasessa. Yksi tähti lähti kuoleentuneista henkselien kuminauhoista ja koska kankaiset henkselit pruukaa olla huonot tein kokonaan uudet käyttäen 25mm hihnanauhaa ja kuminauhaa.

Nyt löytyi varastosta käytännössä iskemättömät byysat ja ilman vuorta. Henkselit edelleen yhtä surkeat, mutta se korjaantuu pienellä ompelukoneen käytöllä kuten aiemminkin. Tällä kertaa tehdäänkin 40mm hihnasta josko pysyivät paremmin päällä ja korjataan sitten toisiinkin.
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I would recommend for a friend

18.04.2018 (Edited 18.04.2018)
The adjustments for width aren't as refined as the German models (these just have a string). The suspenders are also flimsier although they do offer better clasps.

The big advantage here is the the more neutral colour and the fact that the sizing system has a lot more options.
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I would recommend for a friend

19.04.2018 (Edited 19.04.2018)
I am 34/35" waist and 186 cm tall. The medium long is almost too long, but I got the coat to match and they are top quality rain gear at a low price and great fit. Far better than the department store, cheaper, and fits better. The quality and fit of Austrian items is always perfect!
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I would recommend for a friend

You are charging too little money for the quality of these trousers.
Very satisfied with the purchase.
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I would recommend for a friend

Very good quality. Great product and great price. They are a little bit loud for deer hunting but add great warmth and water resistance.
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I would recommend for a friend

I got the medium/regular. Says GoreTex on the label. I'm 177cm tall (5'10") the the leg fit is perfect. Mine came with 3 small repairs which are nicely done with a GoreTex patch on the inside. It's water resistant and by the smell, proofing was done recently. It's comfortable to wear and the braces don't rub and you can't feel them under a rucksac. They wick rain and sweat away from the body well. They dry quick. They turn away most thorns etc. They are very well made and zips are backed up by velcro. The fit is roomy. I use them as walking trousers and they are nice and light >500g. They are pretty much wind proof. The front zip is generous for calls of nature. If you unzip the side of the legs all the way up you can get them on and off without removing your boots as unzipped each leg has a GoreTex fanny flap up to half way above the knee. Good for cooling and drying while wearing. Great for walking on their own but a bit clammy feeling for the first mile of so. Good up to about 15degC on the move. Recommended
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I would recommend for a friend

02.06.2019 (Edited 02.06.2019)
The ones I received appear to have been unissued. I have a 34”/35” waist and am 73” tall, and I ordered the medium-long version. Excellent fit for warm weather — somewhat slim (at least compared to the very baggy US military’s wet weather overpants) but not tight at all. Perfect for urban cycling in wet weather. IfI intended to wear these in cold weather with a thick insulating layer, I’d probably go up one size in the waist. But for my purposes, these are perfect as-is. A great deal at the current price of $30 USD.
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