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Austrian mess tin, surplus
Austrian mess tin, surplus.
Austrian mess tin, surplus.

Austrian mess tin, surplus

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Austrian Bundesheer mess kit system, used surplus. A very well made typical Germanic style aluminium pot. Much like the WW2 Wehrmacht model.

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Austrian mess tin, surplus.
Austrian mess tin, surplus.

Austrian Bundesheer mess kit system, used surplus. A very well made typical Germanic style aluminium pot. Much like the WW2 Wehrmacht model.

This is a traditional three-piece kidney shape mess tin. It comprises of a large cooking pot with wire hanger, the lid part and an extra center piece. The lid has a folding steel handle. It all packs up to a nice set, and you can secure it to your equipment with anything resembling a strap, just use the metal tunnel loop on the handle. You can possibly even carry your field cooker inside the mess kit.

The Austrians copied their mess tin about directly from the German Wehrmacht. These are made from the 60's to 80's, but the model is always the same. The differences to the M/31 are very very minimal. This makes these good for field use in reenactment or any occasion requiring a German WW2 mess tin look-a-like.

Never machine wash aluminium cookware. Do it by hand. Do it also before use these, as you never know what they have been exposed to in storage.

Genuine army surplus

The general outlook may be rough, but everything works and these are perfectly usable in their intended role.

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Four stars
I would recommend for a friend

18.04.2018 (Edited 01.06.2021)
A rather nice 3 piece mess kit, worthy of 5 stars. So why did it get 4? Well, that is because the listing is not quite accurate. The kit shown in the photo is indeed the one reenactors want, which were made from the 60s-early 80's . In the mid-80's there were 2 changes made.

1. The pot was replaced with the modern German design. That means the new hinge design and recessed area on the bottom for the crappy latch lock. Many reeanactment groups do not allow the new hinge.

2. The lid was NOT enlarged like the Bundeswehr model but a hole was added in the handle to go with the latch lock system (you can see it in the second product pic, matched with an old type pot). The only difference from the older model is the hole, so this is not a big deal.

Of the 5 I ordered, I received 2 new models, 1 old model and 2 old pots with new lids (like the set in the product photo). In short. if you want a mess kit for non-reenactor stuff, go for it (or get the German one which is a few bucks less). If you want one for reenacting you might be rather disappointed with what arrives. I will let Varusteleka know an update to the description is in order, as it explicitly states and shows only the older type that and it is slightly marketed to reenactors by saying they are the 60's to 80's models. 3 of mine were marked as 90's and 00's. In all likelihood they reused an old description without noticing the changes.

As a side note , if you order one of these to replace your NVA kit for re-enacting, and you receive the new model there is a fix. The NVA pot with a new or old Austrian lid is a good match for the WW2 model.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

20.04.2018 (Edited 01.06.2021)
A version from Österrech of Swedish "snuskburken" just needed a cleanup with svinto and it was fit for fight. Have made a food kit of it with a german esbitstove, spork, and a classic Swedish kåsa.
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Two and a half stars
I would recommend for a friend

The one i received was in better shape than the one pictured. Still pretty banged up and i had to fix some dents from the inside out with a small log of oak and a hammer. once i was done the locking latch worked again - 2 and a half star if you don't mind working out minor kinks yourself.

Weight seems alright compared to newer kits like trangia ect. Still quite bulky though.
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Two and a half stars
I would recommend for a friend

26.12.2021 (Edited 26.12.2021)
Very rough shape .If you want a restoring project for Christmas its the absolute winner.
Full of dings,bent handle,leaking from the side rivets at one side.
I completed the task successfully.
Hope it will hold the repair.
Mess kit with an attitude ...
At the end I might like it too ...
P.s It doesnt fit in a military trangia windsheild....
Another project on the way
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Three stars
I would not recommend to a friend

Well... it would work to heat food in it. I guess. But the one I got won't pass the jump test of any self-respecting sargeant. It's prety mauled. Don't mind the paint, I can fix that, I mean so badly mauled -all three pieces- it is deformed to the point where the closing latch dances instead of securing the kit closed. It's true you can fix that just pulling out the lid a bit cos the pot lips have developed bumps and dents that allow you to graduate the height where the lid rests, but that's not a mess kit in working order with this price tag. The hanging handle has his own rythms, too.

It looks cool alright with all those bumps and scratches. But I can only use it as a decoration or for sunday hikes... and tying it with a cord so the rattle doesn't drive me crazy. Surpluss is a lotery, I know and love that, but this is not a tactical-worth piece, more like a musical instrument, and the price of the lotery ticket should reflect that.
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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

I ordered my mess kit on 16th of june and recieved today 29th june, pretty fast shipping to India. The mess kit itself is new, no dents no scratches and no paint chipping. It doesn't look like a surplus. It was, I guess never issued to soldiers.
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