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Austrian M75 Cargo Pants, Surplus

Austrian M75 Cargo Pants, Surplus

Price 14.99 USD excluding VAT

Comfortable and robust cargo trousers for a price you can afford. Used Austrian Bundesheer surplus.

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Comfortable and robust cargo trousers for a price you can afford. Used Austrian Bundesheer surplus.

Austrians have a reputation for pretty smart and practical military clothes, and we are glad to offer these as surplus: really well designed and manufactured stuff for a cheap price!

Very basic, form-fitting field trousers from decades past. The pants feature about 3.5 cm wide belt loops and are made of either poly-cotton or polyester/viscose blend. Two slash pockets and two cargo pockets with button flap closure. The color varies from grey to green and brownish hue.

Compared to modern combat trousers these are more "garrison-like" when it comes to fit and mobility. Still good for casual use.

Size info

The centimeter or inch sizes in the brackets are the waist/inseam. These are actual measurements of the garment laid flat. Slight variance is to be expected, as these are used.

The Austrian size system is explained in detail on our Austrian trouser sizes page. If you are already familiar with Austrian sizing and want to know how we came up with the easy sizes, below is our logic as a chart. All possible sizes in the chart are not manufactured of course.


Width / Height Short Regular Long X-Long
X-Small 80-84 I-II 80-84 III-IV 80-84 V-VI 80-84 VII-VIII
Small 88-92 I-II 88-92 III-IV 88-92 V-VI 88-92 VII-VIII
Medium 96-100 I-II 96-100 III-IV 96-100 V-VI 96-100 VII-VIII
Large 104-108 I-II 104-108 III-IV 104-108 V-VI 104-108 VII-VIII
X-Large 112-116 I-II 112-116 III-IV 112-116 V-VI 112-116 VII-VIII
2X-Large 120-124 I-II 120-124 III-IV 120-124 V-VI 120-124 VII-VIII
3X-Large 128-132 I-II 128-132 III-IV 128-132 V-VI 128-132 VII-VIII


Width / Height Short Regular Long X-Long
X-Small 31.5" - 33" I-II 31.5" - 33" III-IV 31.5" - 33" V-VI 31.5" - 33" VII-VIII
Small 34.5" - 36" I-II 34.5" - 36" III-IV 34.5" - 36" V-VI 34.5" - 36" VII-VIII
Medium 38" - 39.5" I-II 38" - 39.5" III-IV 38" - 39.5" V-VI 38" - 39.5" VII-VIII
Large 41" - 42.5" I-II 41" - 42.5" III-IV 41" - 42.5" V-VI 41" - 42.5" VII-VIII
X-Large 44" - 45.5" I-II 44" - 45.5" III-IV 44" - 45.5" V-VI 44" - 45.5" VII-VIII
2X-Large 47" - 49" I-II 47" - 49" III-IV 47" - 49" V-VI 47" - 49" VII-VIII
3X-Large 50.5" - 52" I-II 50.5" - 52" III-IV 50.5" - 52" V-VI 50.5" - 52" VII-VIII

Austrian Bundesheer surplus

Used and in serviceable condition. If anything was fixed, it's been done well.

Product review of Austrian M75 field trousers

There's not really much I can say about this that isn't already in the product description. There is a bit of a barracks feel to these trousers; the cut is a little too well-fitted and the pockets are just a tad too small, otherwise these would be perfect. For those familiar with the BDU or Soldier 95 trousers, these could be a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, these are perfect for everyday use as they do not look as militaristic as the other trousers in our selection. They also accentuate the ass quite nicely, if you like that sort of thing. It's also worth mentioning that the material is very sturdy; it's difficult to imagine that these would get ruined under normal circumstances.



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I would recommend for a friend

23.06.2016 (Edited 13.06.2017)
Good pants for the price. The Austrian M75 field shirt was a bit tight around the waist compared to its listed size and this one is also guilty of this crime. Pockets are ugly but other than that they're a pair of great sturdy pants.
7 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Riktigt bra byxor! Håller emot vind bra, även om de inte är vindtäta per se. Tillräckligt snygga att ha till vardags i ett praktiskt jobb och man slipper kamouflagefärgslooken som andra krigsmaktskläder av idag har. Tyget är mjukt och skönt mot huden trots att det är slitstarkt. Kommer köpa fler av dessa.
9 3 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

A good , and light trousers for little ass . Very good condition . It's tight size , can be use like under pants with a snow trousers .
6 5 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Nice sturdy and soft fabric, quite tight around the waist and ass if you're into that, but roomy in the legs. I ordered my normal waist size and it's a tad tight, so go for a larger size if you are on the edge of the range. Fantastic pants for this price, I'll be ordering a couple more.
12 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Nää on muuten iha huiput työhousuina - etenkin nää vähän paksummasta puuvillasekoitekankaasta tehdyt. Semmoset mulle tuli ja niissä oli jo valmiiksi pieniä liimatahroja, joten kuin tehty töihin. Kylkitaskut on hemmetin hyvät - ei tipu tavarat. Jos jotain negatiivista pitäis keksiä niin näihi ei kovin leveää vyötä saa. Mutta se ei poista sitä tosiasiaa et nää on ihan hemmetin hyvät pöksyt.
10 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Turhan tiukat reisistä ja perseen alueelta. Hyvät edustushousut, ei niinkään liikkumiseen. Materiaali on laadukasta.
3 12 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

21.06.2017 (Edited 26.06.2017)
I ordered a single pair of these in 88/80, and they fit perfectly! They're a little snug around the ass, but everywhere else they fit just fine. A great fit, nice and loose around the legs but not too big. They're also very durable, great for plenty of jobs that require you to really get on your knees.
4 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Extremely comfortable pants but I bought two sizes too big. They're very baggy but that's a mistake on my part.
1 0 Report abuse


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