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Austrian Anzug 03 Cargo Pants, Lightweight, Surplus

Austrian Anzug 03 Cargo Pants, Lightweight, Surplus

Price 17.99 USD excluding VAT

Current issue Austrian summer combat trousers. The cut is even better than on the BDU trousers! Used surplus.

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Current issue Austrian summer combat trousers. The cut is even better than on the BDU trousers! Used surplus.

The Austrian Bundesheer actually seems to think of the end-users when designing field clothes! These have a really good cut, thin ripstop fabric, zippered fly, and elastic adjustments at the cuffs. In some cases, the strings have been cut off, but they are easily replaced because the channels are still there. Reinforced knees, as usual.

  • Zipper fly
  • Drawcord tightening on the cuffs (can be easily removed if found unnecessary)
  • 4 cm wide belt loops
  • 1.5" wide belt loops
  • Normal slash pockets and zippered cargo pockets
  • Reinforcements on the knees
  • Made of lightweight and comfortable 67/33 poly-cotton blend

Size info

The Austrian size system is explained in detail on our Austrian trouser sizes page. If you are already familiar with Austrian sizing and want to know how we came up with the easy sizes, below is our logic as a chart. All possible sizes in the chart are not manufactured of course.


Width / Height Short Regular Long X-Long
X-Small 80-84 I-II 80-84 III-IV 80-84 V-VI 80-84 VII-VIII
Small 88-92 I-II 88-92 III-IV 88-92 V-VI 88-92 VII-VIII
Medium 96-100 I-II 96-100 III-IV 96-100 V-VI 96-100 VII-VIII
Large 104-108 I-II 104-108 III-IV 104-108 V-VI 104-108 VII-VIII
X-Large 112-116 I-II 112-116 III-IV 112-116 V-VI 112-116 VII-VIII
2X-Large 120-124 I-II 120-124 III-IV 120-124 V-VI 120-124 VII-VIII
3X-Large 128-132 I-II 128-132 III-IV 128-132 V-VI 128-132 VII-VIII


Width / Height Short Regular Long X-Long
X-Small 31.5" - 33" I-II 31.5" - 33" III-IV 31.5" - 33" V-VI 31.5" - 33" VII-VIII
Small 34.5" - 36" I-II 34.5" - 36" III-IV 34.5" - 36" V-VI 34.5" - 36" VII-VIII
Medium 38" - 39.5" I-II 38" - 39.5" III-IV 38" - 39.5" V-VI 38" - 39.5" VII-VIII
Large 41" - 42.5" I-II 41" - 42.5" III-IV 41" - 42.5" V-VI 41" - 42.5" VII-VIII
X-Large 44" - 45.5" I-II 44" - 45.5" III-IV 44" - 45.5" V-VI 44" - 45.5" VII-VIII
2X-Large 47" - 49" I-II 47" - 49" III-IV 47" - 49" V-VI 47" - 49" VII-VIII
3X-Large 50.5" - 52" I-II 50.5" - 52" III-IV 50.5" - 52" V-VI 50.5" - 52" VII-VIII

Austrian Bundesheer surplus

Used, but in serviceable condition. Expect a bit faded fabric and some well-made repairs. Some might have small holes too or other signs of use and the elastic cuff adjustments might be gone.


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4.39 / 5
22 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

Pirun hyvät pökät, vaikka ekoista housuista hajosi sauma viikon käytön jälkeen oli ne helppo ommella kokoon ja tuli tilattua toiset ettei heti tarvitse ommella jos sauma pettää uudelleen. Reisitaskujen sisällä jalkaa vasten vähän yli 5 tuuman puhelimille sopivat pikku taskut, meneehän sinne myös työkalut, lamput ja sen sellaiset kätevästi.
3 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Great trousers! It should be noted that these are cut after the French "cut". These are meant to be used with the ends tucked into the boots or just above the boots in the socks, so these are quite short. If you don't own a pair of boots these might not be for you, but if you do, then these are great. Shorter trouser legs means you don't wont step on the ends or get them wet.
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

A very good trousers , lightweight for the summer . 100% satisfied !!!
1 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Mainiot housut varrellisten kenkien kaveriksi. Talouteen eksyneistä housuista 2/3 on vaatinut melko runsasta saumojen uudelleen ompelemista vähän sieltä täältä, ompeleet siis vaikuttavat olevan selvästi heikoin lenkki jostain syystä, mutta onpahan sadepäiviksi puuhaa reissussa.
0 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Great trousers, the fabric is a bit too thick for summer walks but for the rest of the year they are awesome. Size and shape fits perfectly and the pockets have a good capacity
0 2 Report abuse
I would not recommend to a friend

01.11.2017 (Edited 01.11.2017)
Quality trousers, with good cut and light and breathable fabric. They are made to be used with boots. Well made repairs are found rather often.
The low rating comes from the fact that Varusteleka has its own rather deficient view on trouser sizes, and despite having ordered my correct one, I ended up with something that, if not used with a belt, will inevitably fall to my ankles. The customer service even confirmed their mistake and actually changed the size chart on this page after I had contacted them, but, of course, they refused to offer me any refund or correct size product. All of my former experiences with Varusteleka have been positive, but I simply can't recommend this product, since you are at risk of getting an unusable piece of clothing that will require the intervention of a tailor. Buy somewhere else.
11 19 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Got hem last year. The best trouser I've got from varusteleka so far. Looks brand new, doesn't look too militaristic, perfect material for wet conditions or cool summers and very handy zipped pockets. As you can see in the previous comments, the ends are short as they are designed for boots. Cannot recommend these trousers more!
2 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Hyvät ja mukavat housut.
2 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

these pantaloons are just dandy like candy! i dont like the cargo pocket flap having no closing button or velc though.
4 0 Report abuse


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