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Amputation retractor, surplus

Amputation retractor, surplus

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Every now and then we run into weird things that turn us on. Usually, it's our supplier or a suspicious thug (sometimes the same thing) who has dug something up and it is our holy mission to bring it to the light of day.

If you have a sensitive mind, please stop reading right now. You have been warned.

Everybody is familiar with ribcage retractors from movies and TV series. An amputation retractor is lesser known, but the principle is immediately recognizable: the device is used to push soft tissue up the bone to get some clearance for the bone saw. Ideally, the bone stump should be cut short and you'd want to avoid damage to the surrounding tissue in the process.

Made from surgical grade stainless steel with rounded edges: the amputation retractor is not designed to cut anything, just hold things in place without causing harm. It has a hinge and handles for ease of operation, not too many moving parts. The blade diameter is between 17-18 cm (6.5" - 7").

Now for the part that probably represents the actual use for perverts who are into this stuff. The round opening in the middle has a 34 mm diameter, and it can be further closed to a 25 mm minor axis. Is your dominatrix thinking what we're thinking? It's the perfect size to trap the male genitalia on the other side for some CBT without interference from the sub. The handles extend conveniently to keep the legs apart. Don't forget your safeword!

The retractor probably has other uses as well, but this was the first one we thought of.

Unissued surplus

These are factory new items, no blood rust or anything staining them. Most often the handles still have paper wrapping on them. Prepare as necessary for your use.


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