Amputation knife, surplus

Amputation knife, surplus

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Here's a knife with such a gruesome purpose that even the name can give you nightmares. Amputation is one of the best things you can do under sedation!

Every now and then we run into weird things that turn us on. Usually it's our supplier or a suspicious thug (sometimes the same thing) who has dug something up and it is our holy mission to bring it to the light of day.

This amputation knife has a large hollow handle with flat sides, a long and narrow blade with two edges from the middle to the tip.

The material is stainless steel, blade length 120 mm and overall length 265 mm. No sheath of any kind is included of course. These are surgical instruments, not carry-knives.

Unissued surplus

These are individually packed by dipping in a wax-like plastic (?) that peels off easily. This has most likely been done to protect the knife. Don't cut anyone you care about with these! The country of origin is Czech republic to the best of our knowledge.

"Feels very good in the hand. Makes you wanna amputate something right away." -Krise

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